Until the End of the World

When things don't turn out the way you hoped, it may seem like the end of the world.

And sometimes, it's the other way around—it may be somewhat of a downer when the end of the world doesn't turn out the way you had hoped.

I know how you feel.

12.21.12 has come and gone, and here we are—wherever or whatever here might be.

The world is still standing.

Don't feel too bad about it.

If you ask me, for a good end of the world scenario, anything that falls short of Lars von Trier' s Melancholia is bound to feel like a bit of a let down, anyway.

Take heart.

Here are some things you can do to keep disappointment from getting to you:

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  1. Haha this is what I just posted on my own blog last night:

    Happy new year! Too bad for the Mayans, I think it would have been worth the end of the world just to see all those hyper-critical cynical smartasses eat their hats. How I would cackle at them even as the sky rained fire down on our heads. I'm not exactly a believer myself but when I found out the whole 'end of the world' spin was just some lame conspiracy The System is trying to brainwash us with to make us disrespect spirituality more I was kinda pissed. They were Mayans bro... that's hard. You aint built no pryamids, have you? Exactly. So just chill.


    Only just discovered this 'bar' but I feel right at home already. What a cool place. I also am just about to publish a book and look at this extract from it which I know will totally appeal to this 'wulfshead' crew [sorry if you think of this as spam but seriously, you 'wulfshead' guys HAVE TO read this]:

    When the meeting adjourned, Marley entered the room from a secret door behind the bookcase. The Primus was dipping his goose-quill and making his mark upon a parchment, which he then dried with the sander and slid across the desk to Issa who in turn blew on it lightly tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and folding it shut. Striking a match, she then lit a candle and held it ready for him as he fetched a stick of vermilion wax from a drawer in his desk. When the last of the attendees had closed the door behind them, Marley delivered his message, hands behind his back and feet shoulderwidth apart, betraying his past in the armed services. "She's dead."
    The Primus paused for the briefest of moments, never meeting Marley's implacable gaze, then continued to remove his signet ring and hold it along with the wax to Myra's flame, apparently unaffected by those two little words. Blood red droplets fell heavily onto the thick paper, the only tears he offered. Marley was a stone-cold sociopath but from little he knew about emotions he was sure there was supposed to be some kind of a big reaction to this sort of news. Yet The Primus appeared to be more intent on the candle than his herald. Issa certainly had missed a step and was now looking worriedly between the two of them, though her grip on the silver candelabrum held steady and the flame never wavered. Growing impatient, Marley continued; "What do you want me to do about it? Something tells me he's just getting started."
    "Caput gerat lupinum," was all The Primus said, sealing his missive with the image of a scarab beetle set against a pyramid. "Caput gerat lupinum." It was an old legal term from a time when the threat of wolves in the English countryside was a very real problem and local sheriffs would pay a handsome reward for their severed heads. More than a few travelling families had lost their lives around campfires and in the valleys between villages when a hungry pack of grey ghosts descended on their party. If an outlaw proved himself especially difficult to arrest he was condemned with this sentence, completely removing him from the circumference of the law, dehumanising him and making him vulnerable to attack - even murder, pagan sacrifice, slavery or torture - from any citizen he might encounter on the road. An extension of the ancient Roman law Homo Sacer, the literal translation from Latin meant; then let him wear a wolfish head. The Primus had just pronounced a death-sentence.

    Thought you guys might like that. Looking forward to future 'drinks' here.