Human Overboard

Hey Ya pretentious know it all
Why are you being rude to me?
I respect pygmies
So please respect the Maasai
I respect you hole
So please respect my land
I respect insects
So please respect mammals

Shall I say it again?
Me have to explain?
You not understand?
You not speak or perhaps think?

Poor thing, he needs some help
His buddy: let's give him a hand
Let's delegate to the delegate
Who'll delegate to the delegate

Imbecile, shut him up!
Even if **, make him shut up!

Too dicey to be listened to
Even at such-and-such a time

It's a euphemism
Yeah, I did idealize you
Foolishness quest
Yes, I'm a racist towards that

Human Overboard!

Me human Papuan
Simple, what about you?

Highly advanced, I bet!
I don't evolve at all

Me talking about glaciers
If sinking, me angry
I know where to find you
When you'll be perched like me

But of course, yes, remember me
Piercing like you do
The same hole as the ozone layer has
I'm going to get you penis sheaths piercing
But fly fly and travel
Go get your documentaries
But you leech, spit out far away
In your bowl of soup

In your upper-class world
Me? I've never wanted it
Of course, you think
But better be quiet when you don't know

Shuuuut your mouth, you fool
Listen to nature here
Don't be surprised
It smells like a coup d'etat

Human overboard!

Human overboard!



A Man With a Mission


Let me count the ways...

The parallels to the run up to the Iraq War just keep coming.



Our Mungle speaks tonife at eight

 He tell us wop to doo



War Games

I hear what you're saying, Russell, but I think the man is too far gone to heed you.

You know that, right?



No-one says it like Cornel West


"We have leaders who have completely sold out."

They have been co-opted:

"Obama is the highest manifestation of the co-optation that took place,” West said. “It shifted to the black political class. The black political class, more and more, found itself unable to tell the truth, or if they began to tell some of the truth they were [put] under surveillance, attacked and demonized. Forty percent of our babies are living in poverty, living without enough food, and Obama comes to us and says quit whining. He doesn’t say that to the Business Roundtable. He doesn’t say that to the corporate elites. He doesn’t say that to AIPAC, the conservative Jewish brothers and sisters who will do anything to support the Israeli occupation against Palestinians. This kind of neglect in policy is coupled with disrespect in his speeches to black folk, which the mainstream calls tough love."

"He is a shell of a man,” West said of Obama. “There is no deep conviction. There is no connection to something bigger than him. It is a sad spectacle, sad if he were not the head of an empire that is in such decline and so dangerous. This is a nadir."

"Obama used [Martin Luther] King’s Bible during his inauguration, but under the National Defense Authorization Act King would be detained without due process. He would be under surveillance every day because of his association with Nelson Mandela, who was the head of a ‘terrorist’ organization, the African National Congress. We see the richest prophetic tradition in America desecrated in the name of a neoliberal worldview, a worldview King would be in direct opposition to. Martin would be against Obama because of his neglect of the poor and the working class and because of the [aerial] drones, because he is a war president, because he draws up kill lists. And Martin King would have nothing to do with that."

"We are talking about an imperial system, manifest in Obama’s robust effort to bomb Syria. War crimes against Syrian children do not justify U.S. war crimes. We are talking about a corporate state and a massive surveillance and national security state. It operates according to its own logic. Profit on the one hand, and secrecy to hide imperial policy on the other. Jesse [Jackson] was the head house Negro on the Clinton plantation, just as Sharpton is the head house Negro on the Obama plantation. But there is a difference. Jesse was willing to oppose Clinton on a variety of issues. He marched, for example, against the welfare bill. But Sharpton loves the plantation. He will not say a critical word. It is sad and pathetic. We are living in the age of the sellout."




Zombies Are Scary

"Zombies don't represent anything in my mind except a global change
 of some kind. And the stories are about how people respond or fail to
 respond to this."
— George Romero (creator of Night of the Living Dead)



Obama vs. Obama


Encountering yourself as a time-traveler is frequently Very Bad; either it's unhealthy for you in particular, or it creates a Temporal Paradox.

The theory goes something like this:

You can't meet a past version of yourself without having memory of it and the future version of yourself cannot be surprised to see past you, having had to be there to see it to make it possible. However, this can be easily avoided if you fail to recognize yourself. As a result it's generally correlated with time travel of the Timey Wimey Ball variety, and negatively correlated with Stable Time Loops (though there are exceptions). Compare Future Me Scares Me; contrast Screw Yourself.

Case in point:



Gangster Moderne

Gangster moderne, sont les gens d'aujourd'hui
Ils font les lois, ils font les lois...

Laisse ! Dans ce business, Eliot Ness est de mèche
Satan dirige la messe. Donc personne ne se confesse...

The U.S. are a multinational operation
exporting the Wild West
and its feudal system
Calling up what's good and evil...

They say setting the stage is what matters
You can't judge a book by its cover in the Gold Rush

From there on, techniques have just been evolving
The smart chip has taken over the Remington-Rider



Look at the bright side


Human intelligence may be on the decline.

But then, machines are getting more intelligent.

So there is hope, still.

Look it up.

It's called causal entropy.

Wait... Are you sure this film is PG rated?




Brave New American Century


Is this guy for real?


Oh my, my, me, my
Kindly would you reply
'Zat you Cass Sunstein?


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1,000,000 years

Or so they say.

And 500 more.

But who is counting?
Is there progress? According to "Arthur Koestler, for whom the human brain consisted of a little shop counter, ethical and rational (still very small), and a huge cerebral backroom, bestial, animal, territorial, charged with fears, irrationalities and murderous instincts. Millions of years would be needed, he said, for moral evolution to clear this brutal backroom."

The Enlightenment took humanity a giant step forward. But it's over eager optimism seems sad today. Both its glory and its naive failure. The nineteenth century was relatively peaceful in the west. But then the twentieth came, with its world wars. And the twenty-first started with Bush's absurd wars....... Let's hope it's not a "million years."


This Just In


Via The Borowitz Report in The New Yorker, via bloopie2 in The Guardian.





Philistines, grocerymen,
All the while you would caress
Your wives

Dreaming of the little ones
That your vulgar appetites

You would think: they will be
Clean shaven, stoutly built

But getting your just deserts,
One day you do see arrive
On earth.

Children you did not want
Who grow up to become hairy

You did think: they will be
Clean shaven, stoutly built

But getting your just deserts,
One day you do see arrive
On earth.

Children you did not want,
Who grow up to become most hairy

—Jean Richepin (Chanson des Cloches de Baptême, 1876)


I know, right?


She has talked to her companion since the rescue, hoping to piece together their recollections, but the effort has proved futile.



Love is like a sin my love

For the one that feels it the most
Look at her with her eyes like a flame...


Lost in Translation




Sweet Jesus!


I recognize you...

Aren't you Lucy?

The girl from