Listen to My Heartbeat...

Hey Bartender! Is there a way to sign up to hear (read) all the great conversations (comments) here at my favorite watering hole (just not my favorite coffee shop)? I wander by from time to time and read up (and I read every post), but I do feel like I might be missing some. Just askin'.

To be, or not to be. Those are the parameters.


  1. Aaah... the gentleman did hit the nail on the head, here. If you ask me, sir, my experience is that the atmosphere in a place such as this one, not to mention...ahem..."all the great conversations," well, they typically depend on the patrons - on the attendance and how convivial the regulars are. Strange and unusual people, sir, they are not always all that sociable. There were some rather interesting exchanges that took place earlier on in the past few months, but they were mostly the chats of two or three patrons who have since then left.
    Fortunately for us, sir, one would imagine that the current membership---just take a look at the names in the sidebar---has the making of a party mob... One would imagine, sir... I don't know, I am just a bartender.

  2. The concierge says that if the gentleman so desire, his email can be added to the Wulfshead's comment notification roll. But I wouldn't recommend it, sir. Most people do not care for that under normal circumstances and patrons are usually satisfied with the topical "Subscribe by email" feature.

  3. Ah! Silly me! This isn't the usual button I'm accustomed to seeing, my visual acuity is not the best, and I simply hadn't noticed it. Thanks, Bartender. You're a most helpful gentleman!