In my fucking city!?

Seattle police are investigating hate graffiti found at the Georgetown offices of a Seattle community group whose most prominent member, 11-year-old Marcelas Owens, stood as a symbol for health care reform.

Members of the Washington Community Action Network who arrived at their offices Sunday morning to plan a May 1 march found the tires of a Honda Civic slashed and the words "Rahowa 88" written on the car's window.

The Anti-Defamation League said Rahowa means "racial holy war" and that 88 means "Heil Hitler."

The vandals struck sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Leaders of Washington CAN! said the incident strengthens their resolve.

A police spokesman said department's bias crimes unit will review the case.



Points of Sail

I wouldn't know, sir.

The gentleman is far more knowledgeable about such things than I am.

Besides, I am sure the gentlelady knows what's best for herself.

Must be something in the air:
When wind and sea conditions become unmanageable to a sailboat for it to carry on its road, there are two paces which a skipper can still take: "heaving to under reduced sail" (the skipper keeps the jib cleated and starts to tack, a course of action meant to minimize opposition, which subjects the boat to the drift of winds and sea), and "running" in front of the storm (steering is difficult when running because there is often little or no pressure on the tiller to provide feedback to the helmsman, so the boat may easily go off course). Running often remains, far from the coasts, the only way of saving the boat and its crew. It also makes it possible to discover unknown shores which may emerge on the horizon of new found calm. These unknown shores, they will never know them those whose seeming good fortune brought them to follow the safe roads of the cargo liners and the tankers---roads of no unforeseen, the companies of maritime transport dictate.
---Henri Laborit, In Praise of Running


Release the She Wolf!

Shakira to fight Arizona immigration law

(Apparently not only don't her hips lie, they're not racist either)


Years ago I set out to change my corner of the world with my first blog. It had a wide readership in western Illinois but the reality was nobody cared what I had to say. A post would generate a thousand or so hits and a hundred or so comments. Most of the time they were just to swear at me or each other.

It never gained me any fame or money. It did piss off right wingers so that was a good thing. And in the end, isn't that enough? To just type something and be happy with it? Or am I settling for mediocrity and blissful obscurity? Which isn't so bad. I can always find a barstool at The Wuflshead and hope someone posts a naughty picture or two. I just hope nobody thinks less of me that I've discovered the joy that comes with having no goals anymore. Just a barstool. Interesting people and the occasional scantily clad hot chick.

Life ain't so bad.


There's no stopping progress

"The most basic rationale for the use of unmanned systems is to reduce the user’s risk of casualties."

That's what they say, sir.

When questioned about it, military commanders reflexively cite this as the most important benefit of the new technology.

The way one soldier put it: “When a robot dies, you don’t have to write a letter to its mother.”

Now, let me ask you:

What kind of a callous comment is that?


There's a Bright Side?

It's taken me nearly two years to see the bright side of life. This weekend I had a "Light Bulb" moment & shortly after I couldn't stop whistling that ridiculous clip (...and hopefully now, you too will have it stuck in your head for daaays *snicker* ;-).

I was a very late & unexpected baby. jinDad was supposed to be shooting blanks according to his MD (then again, it was the 70's & one wonders how, after zero tests, the doc could legally say 'you don't need a vasectomy because surely you'll be sterile after having the mumps'... I do not jest, either).

On top of my parents being older for starters, they aged even faster than average. They were both heavy drinkers, huge eaters & jinMom was quite the smoker- along with pretty much my entire extended family (and peeps wonder why I refused to take back my maiden name after the divorce- I was jinbarrassed to).

When their health started failing during my early 30's I was mortified that I found myjinself dealing with issues that most peeps first encounter when they are in their 50's. I recall two of my clients in particular, both millionaires, both in their late 50's, sympathizing with what I had to deal with as they were doing the same. I couldn't help being irritated... the same? While trying to run my business alone I had to chase endlessly because my parents couldn't afford to hire aides... not nearly the same. I was concerned jinMom's hospital bills & lack of insurance would bounce back & eat away at my assets because of the once-upon-a-time partnership (which was never, totally, legally dissolved properly)... not the same at all.

Last January jinMom ended up in a nursing home after an extended stay in the hospital with no supplemental insurance. Again I had to do the footwork, letting my business slide beyond belief, but I got lucky. Really lucky. jinMom was able to get full aid from the state; at the time it wasn't certain to be permanent, but since then it has worked out that it will be. She is currently completely taken care of (she's mostly bedridden) with very very little required of me.

I'm currently working to get jinDad in the same facility, in an affordable section which should be covered entirely by his social security (with possible additional aid if he runs short *fingers crossed*). Do me a favour & send me well-wishes as I'd love to have him in there within the next 2 months! They currently have no openings but he's top on the waiting list. He is ready to move there also, I've discussed it with him.

So back to my Light Bulb! I finally turned around the angry & realized the wonderful- I'll be totally free, without having to deal with the 'rents, while I'm still young! Free to concentrate on me for a change! FREE!

Of course, a jin must be completely & totally free. I am Virgo-to-the-core so I like to sever those ties. I am closing my business & walking away. I shall lose the building (it's mortgaged) but it matters not. I need a fresh start. Being a small business owner for the past 17 years I have no savings so I will sell everything I own & hope I have enough dough (pun jintended ;-) to ease my fears of walking away without looking back.

I'm so tired of hearing the negative:
  • After 17 years of your life what have you got to show for it? "My self esteem, talent & business experience thankyouverymuch!"
  • You shouldn't give up your business to chase a man! "I am not chasing a man. The decision to close & move was mine & mine alone. The fact that there happens to be a man going with me is simply a bonus."
  • Can't you stick around longer & try to sell your business & the building? You can't just leave everything! "Um, yes...yes I can. I'm tired of taking care of everyone else & leaving my business/myself for last. If I stay here that is what will continue to happen. I'd rather start over if it's meant to be. I refuse to 'cling' to 'stuff'. The wisdom I have accrued is much more valuable than a 2-story brick building. It's my time to move on."

And move on I shall... as I have been procrastinating all day, the trip to the Credit Union, to remove jinMom's access from her/jinDad's account. I must. Sadly, she's been trying to sabotage my efforts (morphine induced or years of hatred- I honestly do not know anymore) to tie up all the loose ends before I go.

May I have a stiff shot of something before I head out Bartender?


I suppose it was inevitable that it should come to this eventually

But take it from someone who actually likes both big-band swing and "classic hits of the '80s"...this is really, really bad and unpleasant.


One of the basic tenets of American life, writ in stone, is that TAXES ARE BAD! That's one article of faith the mass 'news' media will never trespass on. So we see Tea Party after Tea Party demonstration on TV, as Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania tells us, without any coverage of even larger contrary demonstrations elsewhere. (Though the Tea Party types admittedly possess a certain fascination.)

This was on Common Dreams yesterday....

SPRINGFIELD -- Thousands of protesters bused down by labor unions and social service advocates rallied at the Capitol today in an attempt to pressure state lawmakers into raising the income tax to avoid more budget cuts....

I would have marched with them. For, like many a Tea Partyer, I enjoy the numerous benefits government provides. And since I know damn well I could pay a little more in taxes without really noticing, and would be willing to, I know the end of the world will not come about by a tax increase. After all, if I can afford it the rich certainly can.

I've been around for a awhile. And have seen many an anti tax movement materialize. They're good at finding rationalizations - Reaganomics codified their philosophy. But as John K. Galbraith said, "The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.



The problem with the Future... that it's not what it used to be.

Via LT Saloon, via bartblog (blogging since BEFORE there were blogs)



Drunk and hot girls

Must have been one heck of a party :)


Let's get drunk tonight, baby we don't have to f**k

And bring your friend along, maybe we can have some fun.




As it turns out, and contrary to widely held beliefs, Republicans overall are generally more trusting of government than Democrats are.

These figures from Pew, hereunder, show the average percent of people saying they always or most of the time trust the government in Washington to do what is right across surveys conducted over the course of several administrations.


I guess I have the same question as everyone else...

...what, Fox isn't enough?


Inspirational Story of the day

Kathy writes: "I did a mummy demonstration when we were studying Egypt. A friend was the dead body, and I pulled out his innards and replaced them with preservatives (sawdust, salt, etc.)."

"I know how this works, Kathy."

"In Washington we call it a bill."

"Now, Kathy, my recommendation, if I may, would be that you make sure and use old clothes and sheets you have laying around the house, or buying some from the thrift store."

"This is so much better than using a roll of toilet paper!"

"What I'd suggest is a nice medium right in between. My personal favorite are streamers. You can get them at most any like any lobbying supply stores and elsewhere. About every couple of rows or so you do a little tape here, a little tape there to basically keep the basic shape. Furthermore, having some rumples actually here adds to effect, this is ancient wrapping, it's not going to look perfect, there is going to be gaps."



Jedi Knight Cats

Gotta love it.


The price of power

Well, you know what they say...

... If you have to ask...


Not much has changed . . .




Let this be a lesson to you

Never disrespect Jigsaw's iconography...


...large promise, is the soul of an advertisement.
~ Samuel Johnson



For what it's worth, this is one of my favorite quotes of all time

Linus Pauling (40 Years Ago)

"The man who carried to the UN a petition denouncing nuclear proliferation, censured and ridiculed for not being 'sufficiently anti-communist'. When Pauling was asked why he risked so much in an atmosphere still redolent with McCarthy-like menace, he answered:

'To be worthy of the respect of my wife'."



Most courteous of the gentlemen to enquire

It is true: an ever-increasing number of fine establishments have been printing requests for patrons to refrain from using their cell phone in their dining rooms.

The Wulfshead has no such prohibitions.

All in all, the management trusts patrons to observe proper cell phone etiquette.

As the gentlemen may know, there is no knowing when an emergency may occur.

When such calls come in, our experience has been that most cell phone users usually excuse themselves to continue their conversations in a more private spot.




The Ideal World of Sancho Panza (1940-41)
This mural by Luis Quintanilla may be seen in the Language Arts Building of the University of Missouri, in Kansas City.

The Final Manifesto by Joshua Mehigan appeared in last February's issue of Poetry~~~

1. We see you.

2. We know who you are.

3. Your ideas are worthless.

4. Your aesthetic is stupid.

5. Your “technique” is a welter of narcissism, superstition, and habit.

6. All your little tiny ideas, all your whoring attempts at creation, and you yourself are nothing, nobody wants you, we despise you, it’s in our nature.

7. You should be kept as a pet.

8. You are a Philistine, the Paul Bunyan of decadence, an acromegalic fraud.

9. You are a minnow, a speck, a stain.

10. The genre humain is sick, and you are to blame.

11. You are a necrophiliac.

12. You are a museum of irrelevance.

13. It will take years to make Art vital and important again.

14. You are from this moment forbidden.

15. As the Italians say, Parla quando piscia la gallina.

16. We are here now.

17. Our aesthetics is empirically grounded.

18. Our taste will be raised to principle.

19. You and your band of jays will be flushed out.

20. Yes, Art is resurrected today: Victory is ours!

21. History will forget you and salute us.

22. Here you are, and here is oblivion.

23. This is the final manifesto, and the only one.