Doesn't anyone proofread anything any longer?

I know... I shouldn't let it get to me.

Just a couple of typos in Conn Hallinan’s otherwise well-written article, Europe: the Danger of the Center.

1. First paragraph:

Ought to read: “FIVE years from now”—and NOT “six” years from now.

The next presidential election in France is currently scheduled to take place in April 2022, with a second round of voting in the following May, if no candidate wins a majority in the first round.

2. 30th paragraph:

Ought to read: "Macron’s new centrist party, En Marche!, won, but mostly due to the anti-Le Pen vote. His program of austerity, restraints on unions, and corporate tax cuts is NOT popular with everyone...”, and most certainly not "is popular with everyone."

Duh! Like…obviously!

I am sure there are more typos, but those were the most glaring ones.

Great article, otherwise, by all accounts.

The author does take the time of explaining a lot about a not so simple situation (delving into some concepts, pretty basics, I am sure, to many informed readers, and possibly not so basics to Americentric readers when it comes to Europe in general and France in particular).