Billions of years from now, the universe as we know it will cease to exist...

But, don't fret, there are some ways out...


io9: Will Our Descendants Survive the Destruction of the Universe?

This ought to count as either the most optimistic or the most sardonic entry I have ever posted.

I just can't decide which.



Whosoever purports to carry oneself like an angel, behaves like a beast

The title is a maxim from Blaise Pascal's "Pensées".

The complete quote is "L'homme n'est ni ange ni bête et le malheur veut que qui veut faire l'ange fait la bête" (Man is neither an angel nor a beast, and the mishap is that whosoever purports to carry oneself like an angel, behaves like a beast).

I know...

Things have not changed all that much ever since the Crusades, have they?

Except for the shape of the cross on our flag...

And the might of our weapons...



Elle s'appelait Marie Noël...

Je m'appelais Jean Balthazar.



Joy to the World

Move over Jesus…

There is a new player in town…

Her name is Joy Mangano and she sold 18,000 mops in 20 minutes!!!

Now, let me ask you, how is that for a miracle?

I just can't wait to see the movie.

Coming to a theatre near you, on December 25th, 2015, just in time for Christmas.

I kid David O. Russell and Ingenious Designs, LLC.

Still, I think I might just save my money this time around, and go see Krampus, instead.

Kind of suits my mood...



State of Emergency


Phew, what a relief! Thank goodness, I feel so much safer, now.

Credit: Selection of photos is from © Cédric Delsaux Arwork: Dark Lens (Paris 2005, Dubai 2009).