It's almost time, kids. The clock is ticking...

The debates are over with. So, just remember this, now:

Wherever you go...

...there you are:



Season of Mists


…once having tasted the lips of excellence, once having given oneself
to its perfection, how dreary and burdensome and filled with anomie
are the remainder of one's waking hours trapped in the shackled lock-step
of the merely ordinary, the barely acceptable, the just okay and not a
stroke better. Sadly, most lives are fashioned on that pattern. Settling for
what is possible; buying into the cliche because the towering dream is out
of stock…
——Harlan Ellison, Introduction, The Sandman: Season of Mists



Bill Clinton Castigates the 47 Percenters

For all the attention Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's infamous comment demeaning the 47 percent of the country “who believe that they are victims” has received—deservedly so—this kind of condescension toward half the country is sadly too prevalent a thing in Washington.



Stand by. You're on the air.


                                      Laurie Anderson: Smoke Rings



The Pretense of Honesty


I don't know, Rachel...

I think you are giving Romney too much credit.

If you ask me: Obama bumbled because he lacked convictions.

You know how it goes, the expression varies but the basic saying is the same:

It's not easy being a "New Democrat".

And it's not easy being Barack Obama—especially when there is so much he and Mitt Romney do really agree upon.

I think the best take on this has got to go to Charlie Pierce:



The World of the Dark Crystal

They say the Skeksis all live together in the high castle and have their own hierarchy with constant scheming among themselves for higher status.

Meanwhile, in the valley of the urRu: