Sometimes it's all about the casting

There is no polite way of saying it, and I certainly mean no offense to Jodie Whittaker in her role as the Thirteenth Doctor (or to any of her fans, who I am sure are legion — amongst the members of the Saturn Awards presenting Academy 😏), or her costume designer, or, for that matter, Chris Chibnall, Jamie Magnus Stone or Azhur Saleem (and whatever happened to Steven Moffat?), but...

Let me ask you: wouldn't Diane Morgan (Philomena Cunk) have made a fantabulous Doctor Who?

And, I don't know, could the Doctor Who franchise maybe hire some writers of the caliber of Charlie Brooker and his team, or perhaps just maybe get Steven Moffat back on board? Because, sometimes... Sometimes it's all about the writing too.



Oh, the Humanity!


Like that's ever gonna happen. Especially the part about restraint of governments and militaries. Have you taken a good look at the world, lately, Eliezer?

Besides, it is an old trope that when people are running around screaming for the shut down of an out of control state of affairs it is, by then, already too late.

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