I don't know...

Some people have been taking it pretty hard.

If you ask me—it has been said before, and I'll say it again:

America does deserve Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump.

After all, it's not like anyone forced anyone to cast their vote for either one of those contestants during the presidential primaries.

It's called free will -- look it up.



Good News Everyone!


Performances like the one above, by John Oliver, last Sunday on HBO, are a most perfect example of the reason why propaganda of the level of Last Week Tonight will always leave its lesser counterparts from the like of Fox News,, or Now I Get It in the dust.

To be fair to Bill O'Reiley, Ezra Klein or Katie Couric, nothing is more effective than propaganda disguised as comedy, to be sure.

Still, you've got to give John Oliver's unparalleled talent as a contortionist credit for this convoluted piece of rhetorical gesticulation, which under the guise of overtly challenging this country broken Primary-Caucus as the "erratic clusterfuck" that the system really is, manages to wind up telling his viewers that all is well, in the end, because we "got lucky" as both parties will likely nominate their most popular candidate.

Lorenzo, here, says it best:

In other news:
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