May the Farce Be With You


I kid Bernard-Henri Levy!

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In Case You Missed It


Her name is Polly Boiko...

And she is a hoot!

This is the kind of stuff that the Rachel Maddow of old used to do—before she sold out and morphed into the Glenn Beck of MSNBC.

It is also the kind of stuff SNL used to do back in the days, when they did not carry water for the man and had not sacrificed their soul on the altar of Political Correctness.


- RT is "funded in whole or in part by the Russian government."
- And MSNBC is owned by Corporate Media.

Now you know...

When questioned about the ads, Anna Belkina, the director of strategic development and head of communications at RT, said that "President Putin personally approved" the copy in the ads.

When asked if that was a joke, she responded that "Russians are not allowed to joke about Putin."

Sarcasm is lost on some people: