Human Overboard

Hey Ya pretentious know it all
Why are you being rude to me?
I respect pygmies
So please respect the Maasai
I respect you hole
So please respect my land
I respect insects
So please respect mammals

Shall I say it again?
Me have to explain?
You not understand?
You not speak or perhaps think?

Poor thing, he needs some help
His buddy: let's give him a hand
Let's delegate to the delegate
Who'll delegate to the delegate

Imbecile, shut him up!
Even if **, make him shut up!

Too dicey to be listened to
Even at such-and-such a time

It's a euphemism
Yeah, I did idealize you
Foolishness quest
Yes, I'm a racist towards that

Human Overboard!

Me human Papuan
Simple, what about you?

Highly advanced, I bet!
I don't evolve at all

Me talking about glaciers
If sinking, me angry
I know where to find you
When you'll be perched like me

But of course, yes, remember me
Piercing like you do
The same hole as the ozone layer has
I'm going to get you penis sheaths piercing
But fly fly and travel
Go get your documentaries
But you leech, spit out far away
In your bowl of soup

In your upper-class world
Me? I've never wanted it
Of course, you think
But better be quiet when you don't know

Shuuuut your mouth, you fool
Listen to nature here
Don't be surprised
It smells like a coup d'etat

Human overboard!

Human overboard!