This Eagle is Vey, Very Lost


The simultaneous occurrence of Google search results which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Case in point:

Synchronistic findings are always such an uproarious thing, aren't they? (✿◠‿◠)

I Google search engine.

Disclaimer: This is not to be interpreted as an advocacy for the theory of synchronicity—my belief in which, I will neither confirm nor deny—nor is it to be construed as an endorsement of either The Sun or The New York Times—I do not read tabloids.



I remember him well

It is true what they say...

Mark Twain never refused to take a drink – under any circumstances.

Even with Batman...



Red Light, Green Light



Why do I have to fill a CAPTCHA?

How rude!



Greetings, citizen


Congratulations, citizen!

Being a citizen of Alpha Complex is fun. Facebook says so, and Facebook is your friend.

Due to your properly zealous attitude you’ve been chosen as happiness officer. This is a great honor. Only those who know the true joy of being an Alpha Complex citizen are appointed happiness officer. Your selection shows Facebook’s exceptional faith in you.

To help in early detection of SSM (Sub-Standard Morale), HPD&MC has made up a list of the warning signs of SSM Breakdown. Briefing officers should go over these warning signs with newly appointed happiness officers. The fate of Alpha Complex depends on it.

Does the citizen in question:

1. Argue Excessively?

2. Disregard or question the team leader's orders?

3. Suffer from insomnia?

4. Not laugh at the happiness officer's joke?

5. Refuse to participate in the group singalongs?

6. Have a pouty puss?

7. Refuse to take Personality Stabilizer Drugs?

8. Show a definite lack of faith in Facebook's judgement?

9. Whine a lot?

Any one of the above symptoms (including those not listed above) is grounds for immediate Personality Adjustment. Sub-Standard Morale manifests in many other ways too. An experienced happiness officer learns to recognize SSM in all its forms.



For Fox Sake


"My life is very monotonous," the fox said. "I hunt chickens; men hunt me.  All the chickens are just alike, and all the men are just alike. And in consequence, I am a little bored."

Men... They have guns, and they hunt. It is very disturbing. They also raise chickens. This is their one redeeming value. Are you looking for chickens?



Of course not, silly!


Why, a grown-up person like you believing in utter nonsense such as this?

The poster is not ours.

The Wulfshead does not discriminate against NWO Woke Occultists or their minions.

Besides, the Maskholes kinda look good on the dance-floor.

Most of the patrons, though, prefer to give them a wide berth.



Only In Theaters


Found on Thumbler:

It says:

"Americans would have us believe, in their movies, that they have the capability to repeal extraterrestrial invasions, while they are not even capable of protecting the U.S. capitol building from the Village People."

Point well taken.

If truth be told, the problem with this country is not so much that the rest of the world does not take us all that seriously anymore (and whose fault is that?), but, rather, that we take ourselves so goddam seriously all the time.



Sweet Dreams Are Made of This...


Who am I to disagree.