Alessa's Harmony

In colloquial speech, "limbo" is any status where a person or project is held up, 
and nothing can be done until another action happens.

                                                                     Tower of Babel (detail), by Colin McAllister

"...any labor that accepts the conditions of competition with slave labor accepts the conditions of slave labor, and is essentially slave labor. [...] The answer, of course, is to have a society based on human values other than buying or selling."
——Norbert Wiener, Cybernetics: Or the Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine

Happy New Year!

Oìdhche Shamhna and all that.



It's the culture war, stupid!

I think Butters's got it right, here. If anything, this election's outcome proved one thing: "The GOP can no longer build a national coalition around a traditionalist conservative cultural agenda" alone. It does spell trouble for the Republican party (and their Tea Party constituency) in view of the fact that, as the three presidential non-debates painfully revealed, neither party has anything of significance to present that is fundamentally different from what their political counterpart is offering insofar as other substantive issues, such as the economy or foreign policy, are concerned.

Meanwhile in Washington:

What happen next is anyone's guess. Right?