No point crying over Spielberg


The question is: do some people do it on purpose, or are they just simply genuinely out of touch with the reality of their times?

Or is it just their age catching up with them?

Case in point: Rely on Peter Travers for almost systematically getting it wrong, those days.

No, Peter, actually, the truth of the matter is that, "Steven Spielberg's Journalistic Thriller," The Post, could not have been less timely, as a matter of fact! Especially not in the neo-McCarthyism era we have been subjected to.

On what planet have you and Steven Spielberg been living, those past two years?

Meanwhile on planet Earth:

More here.

I know, right?

You’ve got to give it to the NSA, or the FBI, for that matter (My Samsung 5 ate my homework), for sheer brazenness.

The Post of old, that Steven Spielberg is glorifying, would have gone after a story like this. For this is what speaking truth to power meant in those much glorified times. But it looks like The Post of our era is more at ease with political propaganda and yellow journalism, and, by and large, for all practical purpose, essentially acting like a mouthpiece for the CIA, than it is with any real true investigative reporting.

"Democracy dies in darkness," not just simply a motto, insofar as The Post is concerned, it seems, but a mission statement.

As for Steven Spielberg... It is not an easy thing for me to see in an unflattering new light a figure of which I have been so fond for so many years. I find it hard (not to mention painful) to reconcile the person who gave us The Minority Report (2002) with the director of The Post (2017).

On a peripherally related matter, which just so happens to coincide with an interview of the director about his recently released film,  it is a strange spectacle, indeed, to witness "a white old man" imparting his dismissive pronouncements from the top of Tinseltown Phallocracy about the validity or lack thereof of the very legitimate voices of some 100 prominent French women artists and intellectuals who authored and/or cosigned the Anti-#MeToo Manifesto signed by Catherine Deneuve. Has Steven Spielberg even read it? Or, in this man’s opinion, are women’s voices only to be given any respect and due consideration when they happen to coincide with his own agenda or with what happens to be politically correct according to which way the wind is blowing in the current climate of Tinseltown groupthink?

For those of us more concerned with facts than propaganda, here is an extract from a full English translation of the French Anti-#MeToo opened letter signed by Catherine Deneuve published in Le Monde :

The rest of the translation along with the full list of signatories can be found here on Wordcrunch.

It is an old truism:

Man is neither angel nor beast, and the misfortune is
that whoever presume to act the angel, acts the beast.

— Blaise Pascal (1623–1662). Thoughts, 358