A Likely Story . . .

Won't you please, please help . . .



You've got to be kidding me!

Is this someone's idea of a joke?



You Can't Go Home Again

Yes...well...uh...I am not entirely sure this is quite exactly how Thomas Wolfe meant the present context. And...ah...I mean, the gentlemen are welcome to stay at The Wulfshead for as long as they want to, of course.

But, the gentlemen do realize that...eventually...they DO have to go back home again, don't they?

Think of your people, Sire...



Meanwhile in Topeka . . .

Ack! Sounds just like old recycled campaign slogans the kind of things candidate Obama used to say—you do remember candidate Obama, don't you?

Yup! Must be getting close to election times in Topeka.

Popcorns, anyone?



Orwellian Reality


That's because he doesn't have too, Paul. Not when the odds are stacked in favor of the "house."

Guys like you, Paul, you live in what they call "the reality-based community," which they define as people who "believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality."

But, they will tell you "that's not the way the world really works anymore."

Remember this?

You didn't think this philosophy just applied to the Bush doctrine or was exclusively limited to the field of war and foreign policies, did you?

Economic wars are by far the most devastating of them all, their casualties highly unreported, and their violence hidden. Examples abound in the Majority World of the poorer and less developed countries, where the effects are more overt than they are in Western Europe and the USA. But the violence is the same: Reality is whatever they say it is.

And there is nothing you, or anyone, can do about it—this is what makes it violence.

You are either with the program or you are not, Paul. There is no middle ground, here (and, ironically, perhaps even most especially so for the so-called centrists or new-democrats, à la Obama.) You are either for the banksters or you are against them—and you're not going to make it very far in this game if the house hasn't got your back. Obama understood that from day one. As did G. W. Bush before him.

Dubya's rise to the highest office in the land has been to that regard a most perfect example of what "house advantage" means, if any such a demonstration was ever needed. So has the impotence and ongoing belittlement of the Left made irrelevant under the Obama presidency—this, at the very same time Astroturf wars were building up what was eventually to grow into the current Tea Party movement.

Shock and awe! What a demonstration of strength! The rest is history, and history is written by the victors... Enters Robert Barro...

e = mc², mon Amour



Boys and girls of every age

Wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Meanwhile in the Los Angeles Times today—surprise, surprise...not! (not really):

Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright
It's our town, everybody scream...

But, hey, don't blame the Los Angeles Times, they are just the messenger—right?

In this town we call home
Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

In this town, don't we love it now?
Everybody's waiting for the next surprise

Aah...and here is the online version (same story, different title):

That's right, folks, we gotta "protect" them jobs from "Big Government," ya' know.

Aren't you scared?

Well, that's just fine
Say it once, say it twice
Take a chance and roll the dice
Ride with the moon in the dead of night

I am the clown with the tear-away face
Here in a flash and gone without a trace

I am the "who" when you call, "Who's there?"
I am the wind blowing through your hair

I am the shadow on the moon at night
Filling your dreams to the brim with fright




Sweet Mystery of Life — take two


Sweet Mystery of Life

I know... I am surprised that the gentleman from Seattle is not already on top of that story by now...

Or that story:

I do not have the pretension of filling in for the gentleman—I would never presume. But you know how it is... Somebody's got to do it.



Shane on you!

How does media shape public opinion?


Case in point. Take Shane Goldmatcher's article on the front page of today's edition of the Los Angeles Times, for instance:

Note: For those of you looking for the online edition, the title has been changed already to:
Poll illustrates California voters' anger.

I quote:

Gee, I wonder why that is, Shane?

Lemme see...could it have anything to do perhaps with how the media pundits and political hacks, including President Obama and Shane Goldmatcher himself, have been framing the issue?

I quote:

Strident pro-government rhetoric?

Whoa! Gag me with a spoon. We don't want that, now, do we?

What would a "more nuanced" Democratic message ought to be now, pray tell?

Shh! Let's pay close attention now; Shane the nuanced one is speaking:

"Rollback of Corporate taxes" and "targeted spending cuts," quoth Shane Goldmatcher, that's what a more nuanced Democratic message is!

Now, you know.

And, just for the record, Shane is a graduate of UC Berkeley.

Makes you wonder what it is they teach at Berkeley, these days?

Probably some of the same thing they teach at Harvard, no doubt . . .

Or Yale . . .



Ja wohl, mein Führer

...and the IQ of a turnip, no doubt.

I mean, what's this?

The rise of the Fourth Reich?

(I kid Mark Zuckerberg.)

But seriously now, when did anyone ever need a Facebook account to make their profile available online, if they so chose.

I don't know either that anyone ever needed a Facebook account to find anyone's bio online.

Not with the multitude of web hosting programs, personalized splash pages, and search engines available on the World Wide Web.

OK, now, one more time: