The poetry of F. G. Sanford

Damn, here is what is rather bluntly put and straight to the point, wouldn't you say, Count?

It doesn't have any of the whimsical allusive poetic tongue of a F. G. Sanford, but it does carry some wallop.

- Are you familiar with F. G. Sanford, Count?

- . . .

- Well, neither I am.

He's one commenter whose entry I just so happened to stumble upon while reading some of the comments about The Pseudo Debate Over Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicide, which has been all the vogue of late in the presstitude and amongst the servile mass media stenographers, who, quite unconvincingly, pass themselves off as the fourth estate nowadays.

Details that shock still emerge. Intelligence assets converge.
There are hints of foul play that just won’t go away,
And conspiracy theories resurge!

Just ignore all Jack Ruby’s connections. Those stories are merely deflections.
Tricky Dick payed him well, when he threatened to tell,
Jack claimed he got cancer injections!

They needed a secret backwater. A place to hide Joe Stalin’s daughter.
The family estate of Ruth Paine worked out great,
But that link didn’t seem to hold water!

Allen Dulles had many a tryst. Another Paine topped off his list.
But don’t dig too deep in a Nietzschean leap,
Such theories are rightly dismissed!

Don’t bother connecting the dots. You’ll have yourself tied up in knots.
The string that you’d need would be quite long indeed,
The guilty are covered with spots!

The evidence gets a sequester. They’ve got pictures of every molester.
That safe that they cracked in New York was just packed,
Now it’s classified where it will fester!

The case will not likely be solved. That’s because of the big-shots involved.
Fools will x-ray the ground for what’s already found,
The cement truck diversion resolved.

They’ll never release any files. They are classified pending denials.
Dershowitz is relieved and Prince Andrew reprieved,
Cash payouts will stifle the trials!

Folks won’t look at what’s right in their faces. It works just the same in all cases.
Ghislaine like Ruth Pain will get legerdemain,
All the good stuff will stay in safe places!

They covered up Epstein for years. Never mind all the tragic young tears.
So now in a pinch, you think they might flinch,
And endanger those stellar careers?

The Iran-Contra fixer is clever. He’s certain to pull every lever.
All the classified dirt is a cinch to subvert,
They’ll just keep it a secret forever!

It’s been fifty six years since the coup. But the truth never seems to pull through.
With each turn of the screw, magic bullets accrue,
And Americans can’t find a clue!

— F. G. Sanford
August 20, 2019

Truly inspired, if you ask me. Poetry and critical thinking combined!

But then again poetry and critical thinking, perhaps, have become somewhat out-of-style in this era of nitwittery.

Subtlety is lost on some people.


In Nomine

So, as I said, D bursts in the room, as I am sipping my morning coffee.

"Do you know what day, this is?" she asks brightly.

"It's the Lord's Day," I answer good-narudlely in kind of a sort of tongue-in-cheek way.

"Funny you should say that," she responds, triumphantly. "Today is Chris Hemsworth's birthday!"

I don't know.

I think I was set up.

Happy birthday, Chris!