Golly, it's true! History does repeat itself...

I wonder how it shall all end this time around.

Chief Justice William Rehnquist (2000)----------Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (2009)


  1. // it will all end this time around.///

    oh oh oh! I know! See, Timmy has fallen into a deep well and he sends Lassie to go get help, but Timmy's Dad has stopped at the local pub to down a few, 'cause damn farm prices are really depressed and so is Timmy's Dad,see, and so Lassie runs all the way to Mayberry, but Andy Taylor is not at the Sherrif's office, cause he is off screwing Thelma Lou, which has pissed Barney off to no end, you see, so Barney puts the single bullet in his gun and shoots Lassie. "Never liked fucking dogs, anyways," Barney mutters to himself. So Timmy drowns in the well, Andy knocks up Thelma Lou, Aunt Bea moves to Green Acres and Barney leaves his glove behind OJ Simpson's house, because he really is a clost racist as well as a Closet Queen.

    Later, Timmy's Dad is a guest on Meet The Press and denies ever knowing who sold A-Rod those steroids but reveals he has been selling George W Bush cocaine for the last eight years.

    Have I got the right story??

  2. Katherine Harris has also secretly married Ahmadinejad.

    That explains much.

  3. Okjimm's account is too much like reality to be simply brushed off. I believe every word.

  4. Like many people, I also thought of this comparison, and then I thought, when the clampdown started, "Well, at least our contested election didn't have a body count."

    Then, of course, I remembered Iraq.

    From what I can see the people who actually are or have been "on the ground" in Iran think Obama is right not to be seen to "meddle."

    People living thousands of miles away with no knowledge of the region and its government, think he should bomb 'em into submission.

    Presumably just because the thought of it makes 'em feel like real men.

  5. Mr. "bomb bomb bomb Iran" McCain would protest. He, and other Republicans, are claiming, as you know, that Obama is insufficiently standing up for democracy in Iran. That he is weak once again.

    (Ie, thoughtful. An experience of thoughtfulness apparently lacking their lives.)

    I have a new political theory to expound. It goes like this.

    The active stupidity of hardline Republicans deflects genuine criticisms from the Obama regime. For the minority's shouts and wails receive most of the attention, while the real problems we face are ignored in the public debate.

    Simplicity (in the bad sense of the word) is a common human characteristic. To many an American understanding that we (the US) are number one and the best in everything is an unalterable given. Scratch the surface of a foreigner, any foreigner, they say, and you will find an American yearning to come out. Resulting in one very envious and resentful foreigner. People "who hate us for what we are."

    Look at the Iranians on the streets of Teheran. These are the people John McCain and others (Israel?) want to bomb.

  6. Quinty-- you believe every word? hmmmm..I own a bridge that spans Lake Michigan, and, as chance would have it, it is for sale! The tolls it generates provides excellent income.

    We should talk.

  7. What are you referring to? Every word of what?

  8. Oh, rereading the string I see.

    I was just kidding. The preposterous should clearly explain itself.

    But I will take you up on that bridge......

  9. Ummm... you hold:

    SPADES: K 9 5
    HEARTS: A 9 7 6 5 2
    CLUBS: A 7 4

    Your partner opens one diamond, you respond one heart and he bids two clubs. The opponent passes. What do you say?

  10. An attempt to place the contract now would be speculative. You must create a forcing auction to learn more about partner's hand. Most pairs treat a bid of three hearts as invitational, hence you must bid two spades. Players often employ a bid of the "fourth suit" as a mark-time action.

  11. //The opponent passes. What do you say?//

    It would depend on how serious an opponent. To a very serious one, I would say nothing, and stab them in the back as they pass.

  12. :-D

    "Good folk, lock up your son and daughter.
    Beware the deadly flashing blade,
    Unless you want to end up shorter.

    Black Adder, Black Adder. He rides a pitch black steed.
    Black Adder, Black Adder. He's very bad indeed."

    Now you've done it! All that keeps running through my head is the catchy theme song to the Blackadder series.

    The words change on a regular basis, but the tune remains basically the same…

  13. Ah, a world of laughter, sir.
    And a world of tears...

    It's a world of hopes
    And a world of fears...

    Though the mountains divide
    And the oceans are wide
    It's a small world after all.

  14. Have I been asleep?

    Yeah, passed out at the bar.

    I see now that everyone is breaking into song. A good way to wake up to the melodic crooning of the human voice. Such uplifting spirits makes one forget everyday foolishness.

    Sing on! And I think I'll stay sober to listen for awhile.

  15. On Quinty's point..

    /Scratch the surface of a foreigner, any foreigner, they say, and you will find an American yearning to come out/

    conversely, scratch the surface of most Americans and you will find a greasy double cheeseburger oozing out.

  16. Correspondently, the trend is catching; I was told that the situation, say, in Mexico, next door, and how it has changed in less than one generation is astounding. Wouldn't you say professor?

  17. We're essentially speaking of a country, Mexico, that in 1989 had a very small proportion of adults overweight and no children overweight and all of a sudden, you fast forward to 15 or 16 more years and you have 71 percent of the women and 65 percent of the men overweight, but worse than that in Mexico is during that same period they've reached a level of diabetes that equaled to what we had around 10 to 20 years ago in the U.S.

  18. Experts are talking of an obesity pandemic that is threatening to overwhelm health systems around the globe. They say, Europe is not faring much better, sir. Why, the word is that the British government is "fully aware of the gravity of the situation":

    “The Health Profile of England 2007,” a report published last October by the UK Department of Health, showed amongst other things the north/south split in health, with worse outcomes in the north roughly correlating to the wealth divide.

    The profile compares health in England with that in the rest of Europe. England has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies. The report confirms child obesity is on the rise, and that with a quarter of adults obese, England tops the European obesity charts. The rate of obesity is around twice that of Germany and two and half times that of France.

  19. Not so fast! Germans are the fattest people in Europe---so says a report by the International Association for the Study of Obesity---partly due to the country's high beer consumption!

    The study also says that Britain and Greece still have a higher proportion of clinically obese people.

    I must ponder on this...

  20. I think I'll have another beer.

  21. Ah, the world is fat, sir.

    Would the gentleman care for some onion rings with that beer?

  22. Nah---not for me. Some fish and chips perhaps.

    The four most important things to remember when choosing appetizers to go with beer are: meats, cheeses, spices and more beer. If you can include all four, you're guaranteed a winning combination! Perhaps Quinty who has just come back from Spain can come up with some tapas suggestions for us; some Gambas a la plancha and patatas bravas, maybe.

  23. An unconfirmed source reports that Karl Rove has been hired by Mamhoud Ahmadinejad as Consultant in the election in Iran:

    The result of the most recent Iranian election, re-electing conservative Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as President over reform candidate Mir Hossein Musavi, has caused protests in Iran amid rumors of election rigging. And the pronouncement by Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei that the 12-member Council of Guardians would investigate the results has not helped. In a bold move today, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that he would be hiring Karl Rove as a consultant.

    The same unconfirmed source also reports that:

    Republican Governor Sarah Palin, though no one asked her, gave her opinion at a fundraiser to which she wasn't invited but to which she decided to go and speak anyway. "Karl Rove showing the people of Iran how elections are run makes me proud to be an American. It makes me proud to be a Republican. I also want to say that President Ahmadinejad never said a baseball player knocked up my daughter. I have no gripe with him. You betcha."

  24. Now that Team America is in Iran everything should work out okay. And who can bring a better expertise to the subject than Karl Rove?

    Well, in Spain it's usually a small glass of wine you have as you go from bar to bar tapiando. A good Manchego cheese on bit of bread or perhaps a hearty slice of morcilla (blood sausage) might awaken the appetite. The streets at this time (seven, eight o'clock) become quite crowded (there's no traffic and everyone walks down the middle) and whole families stand outdoors drinking and eating as they go from bar to bar. And Spain being Spain perhaps a group of school girls will break out in song. There many places to tapiar in and choosing a place with a large delectable display shouldn't be hard. Spanish food, though, may seem exotic to some to Americans, such as squid in its own ink. (Delicious!)

    In Spain, anxious parents tell their teenage daughters, "Now don't you come home tonight any later than five a.m." Things just begin to get started at midnight. And the rounds can go on till dawn.