Edward from "Twilight" tries to hit on Buffy (the Vampire Slayer); she totally shines him on

It's delightful.


  1. Clever Clip!
    Although I must say, I'm not at all a fan of the emo goth vampy types... especially since my neighbourhood is full of them- very strange considering this is a smallish slightly backwards town.
    I have contemplated if there's a way to cash in on them as they always seem to have enough spending money for eyeliner, black hair dye, piercings & floor length coats (yes, in the middle of summer here).
    Hmmm... maybe a few possible slogans?
    "Pastry for the Pasty Complected"
    "Red Velvet Cake for Wedded Bloodsucker Bliss"
    "Sharp Cheddar Scones to tempt your Fangs"

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  3. Why couldn't she have simply said, "Buzz off, Creep?"

  4. Probably no point to it... I understand vampires can be an unrelenting sort.

  5. She's a Joss Whedon creation, Quinty. She'd have to shovel in a whole lot more pop culture references than that.