Summer is here & it's time to make Cake
Jin's glued in the kitchen each day she must Bake
Brides & grooms they litter her door
Making it legal so his betrothed won't be a wh**e

I enjoy immensely that which I do
Yet occasionally I feel just a tad blue
For on a clear warm breezy night I have said
I'd rather be hanging at The Fantastical Wulfshead.


  1. Alas, in the wee small hours of the morning the most eligible (if not available---too many gentleman callers already) bachelorette in Manitowoc, sweating and slaving over her blazing hot oven, whilst we elegant dudes lounge in the cool walnut wood at Wulfshead. And making cakes for weddings she is. The jirony of it all!

  2. Baking cakes in Manitowoc?
    Boiling Brats in Beer in Oshkosh trumps baking buns.

  3. I'll drink to that, Jazzo....

  4. @jazzo
    Yes, very jironic jindeed! I admit, the other afternoon a couple who had just wed at city hall popped in to pick up their tiny wedding cake & my jaw tightened when I forced myself to believably say, "Congratulations!" Whilst thinking, "Oh you poor dears... I give it a year, make that 2 before you turn into a War of the Roses scenario."

    I am admittedly jaded when it comes to marriage. I screwed up once. A jin learns from her mistakes so she might never ever repeat them!

  5. @okjimm
    Oshkosh? Why... you are almost in my neck of the woods! That means you get teased harder. I'll bet you that my buns are way better than your brat.

  6. @Quinty
    Oh! I'll drink to that too... I'm off work today! Methinks an Organic Beer might go rather well with my Coconut Cupcakes. MMmmm.

  7. @lockwood
    LOTS of cake.
    Lots & lots & LOTS of cake!
    All the time. In fact, I smell like cake!

  8. I'm proud to say I have resisted an obvious comment to Jin just above---about frosting. I'm improving!