Move over Dick Cheney

A new GOP leader has emerged.

"The King is a visionary leader, and has the opportunity to be the new face of the Republican Party, which we need," say GOP strategists.

The GOP image makeover campaign has begun in earnest.

Don't be left out. The King needs YOU! All suggestions are welcome: Burger King Sign Generator.


  1. Freakin' brilliant. When I saw this story yesterday, I could only roll my eyes and shake my head. The obvious solution is to make a snarky joke of it.

  2. The final piccie is reminiscent of "1984". If I have nightmares now it's all your fault!

  3. How about "Fear!Christian coalition motivation!"

  4. Well, first there's the food. Anyone who can eat Burger King can eat cold tar. Or wet pulverized cement. What one finds on Burger King's plate is not even food.

    So how very American this all is. The Republican Party is engaged in recreating its image of itself. Never mind reality. Never mind ideas or truth. It's all "image."

    Burger King is the perfect place to put appearance above reality. They sell phony food so why not combine this with the Repub's attempt to remarket themselves as a palatable party? Who knows? The next time a diner looks into his hamburger at Burger King he may see the cheery profile of Dick Cheney? Or Rush Limbough smiling at him? Like those pictures of Christ some of the extremely faithful find in a drop of smudged ketchup.

    Yeah, it's 1984 alright.

  5. "Global Warming Is Baloney"? Hmmm, I wonder if King Burger is adding baloney to the menu. Yum, I always can go for a good baloney sandwich.

    Now friends, this all is very well...but there really is no need for Sir Dick to move over. He's still right where he needs to be, whispering strategic thoughts into the ear of the young prince. Dick Cheney is the Sheriff of Nottingham, plotting overthrows for his latest heir apparent. He's Basil Rathbone before Sherlock, sneering and conniving behind the curtains. Who will run him through? Who will stop that black heart? Meanwhile, he moves over for no one. No need.