Are we giving robots too much power?

I wouldn't know, sir.

Click here to chat with Talking Animated Fake Captain Kirk

By following the steps in this easy to understand reference guide, you too can Be Your Own Botmaster. The section and subsection headings include:

* Mastering Your First Bot
* Training your bot
* Advanced Alter Response Page
* Using AIML Predicates
* Writing Your Own Predicates
* Playing with Wildcards
* The Ultimate default category
* Targeting
* Pandorabots and Program D
* Pandorabots Embrace & Extend (free sample section)

You will have your bot up and running in no time.

Speaking characters, like these, can be used to say different things to different people, depending on your needs.


  1. Son, if you're sober then you too are part of the problem. The only people we trust are drunk. Their words pour like a 1982 Chateau Neuf du Pape. (If that wine was any good or not?) En vino veritas. In drink there is truth. In drunkenness there is the transcendental vision which lycergic acid, Mahariji Maharaja Marmonio al Morani never could touch. No matter how close they came to god in the middle of the night.

    So keep your eye on the ball. Keep your aim high. Stay tuned. Breath deeply. Don't breath at all. Don't be afraid of the night. Drink up! Drink down! But for god's sakes, just drink.

    Got it?