Can't even shout . . .

Can't even cry . . .

In the end there was really only just one plan, wasn't it?

And it pretty much comes down to this:

Mandated coverage for everyone!

An Insurance Industry's wet dream:

No public option! And the fox pretty much gets to guard the chicken coop.

Well done everyone. Stellar performances on both sides of the aisle!

That's what the plan had been all along, hadn't it?

For one minute or two, there, one could almost believe that we were actually witnessing the working of an actual representative democracy in action---the performers were that good!

Will Max Baucus be considered for best congressional actor in a supporting role? He has earned it.

Or should the award go to Joe Lieberman?

What sayest thou?

Plot Summary:
The Gentlemen have captured the voice of the population of Sunnydale. In accordance with a legend, the creatures will be destroyed if a lady screams, in the meantime people must go on---struggling voicelessly.