I would like to beg a favor of the assembled body ...

Drink a toast, if you would, to the memory of my cat, Donovan, who died yesterday morning.

As you can see, he had the color of a fine, Irish cat to go with his fine, Irish name. I did not name either him or my remaining cat, Siouxsie--I inherited them from previous owners.

Donovan was a fuzzy tabby cat with no front claws. He was about 15. He was lot like Sylvester in the cartoons where the clownish pussycat flees from one state of panic to another--I once referred to him as a "little fuzzy embodiment of my id."

As my friend Jen could attest, when we spoke on the phone for much more than a minute, we could always count upon one or both of my cats to come and join me--Donovan typically curled up at my side.

He used to burrow his way in-between me and my ex-girlfriend when we slept spoon-style. Once I woke in the night and was momentarily afraid--"Oh, we're crushing Donovan!"

I moved back to look and I never saw him happier in my life: Purr, purr, "Hi, Ben! It's warm here!"


  1. So sorry to hear about your loss. A couple of years ago I unintentionally came to be owned by a feral cat... it would crush me to lose her. Cherish the fond memories you share above, and again, my sincere condolences.

  2. Ack, I just got off duty, otherwise I'd have offered a free round. But don't let that stop anyone. I'll have a drink to Donovan all the same. And another one to Siouxsie on my way out.

    The Irish---you've got to love the Irish, sir---they say there are five reasons why we drink:
    Good friends,
    good beer,
    lest we be dry
    and any other reason why.

    There is also the part about
    May it always be the other guy
    who says, "this drink's on me."

    The Irish, I said, you've got to love them.

    A free round of drinks is in order. Something strong...with some warmth to it. And maybe a shade of red or orange. My recommendation would be for a Passion Chili Martini, but I'll leave it to the substitute bartender to come up with a cocktail proper to the occasion.

    Be well and take care, sir.

  3. My friend, as an animal lover extraordinaire, my heart goes out to you. In a moment or two I am going to get close and personal with my friend Johnny Walker. He is actually a different friend than the "red" one who normally comes by. This friend is "blue" and his first moment of celebration will be a toast to the fine Donovan. Salute and be at peace on this rainy day...

  4. I'm so sorry Ben...
    *BIG hugs*