Is it wrong that I think this is who we should've sent to negotiate with Republicans and DiNOs??

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  1. There are political realities.

    And there are miracle workers.

    Some think Obama let them down because he is not a miracle worker.

    Mundane political realities constrain his magic powers. Even if charisma and transcendence defined his candidacy. As well as a sharp contrast with his giddy predecessor. A very hard contrast. Obama brought intelligence back on the scene. And a thoughtful dignity. And like muscles which have grown stiff through lack of use many of us were not accustomed to such displays. This too added to his charisma and helped elect him.

    But that giddiness lives on in the antics of the so-called Tea Partiers. Even the John Birch Society has come back to life. And the Republicans in the Congress are steadfastly holding onto the dream.

    Let’s not imagine things. Let’s not fly off the handle. There is much uncertainty out there. Much unease today. Let’s try to be understanding and to keep our heads.