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Thank you! Thank you for trying to educate them liberal "dogmatist" out there about the reality of politics. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it. Max Baucus could not have said it any better.

Let's face it, most liberal "dogmatists" do not understand realpolitik the way Obama does.

Maybe this will help:

President Obama declared last week on ABC News that without healthcare reform the federal government would go bankrupt.

It's a reality. The Republicans know it. The Democrats know it.

This is the first refreshingly honest words that ever came out of Washington about what the so-called reform is really about. It's not about the people---it never was. It's about $$$.

Enters The Bill:

It's a bill that the Insurance Industry can live with and it will fix a situation that was threatening to become unmanageable for the government---any government.

You've heard it straight from the horse's mouth.

This, essentially, is what the bill is all about.

It's not a progressive bill.

It's not a centrist bill.

It is pretty much to the right of the political spectrum as such bills go.

It's a bill that the GOP could have written and could have been proud to own.

It's a good Republican bill.

Except that had a Republican congress or a Republican president, like say Bush, or even Reagan the great, tried to push such a bill, liberals (and these "dogmatic" leftists that Obama was decrying, and quite possibly Unions) would have been up in arms in the streets.

It took Nixon to go to China.

And it took Obama to shove that bill down the throat of his progressive base.

And ultimately it took Lieberman to put that pesky Public Option to rest---at long last. Well done "brother".

It is more or less the health care plan Max Baucus had introduced three months ago---before, imagine the nerve, congress dared tamper with it to include a public option, much to the White House's chagrin.

It is the bill that the main stream media had been cheer-leading for---the bill Chris Mathew was advocating on MSNBC.

All is well.

Quinty is right, Obama is "not a miracle worker"---he only played one on TV during the presidential campaign.

Obama is a grocery clerk. A store manager. A corporate state administrator whose job it is to take and implement the unpalatable decisions that the GOP wouldn't and couldn't take---what are Democrats for?

Just what the doctor healthcare industry ordered.


  1. Great post. I have been telling my "progressive" friends for some months that Harry Potter has a magic wand. Barack Obama does not, at least not in the strict sense of magic. I have been telling my "liberal" friends, that Harry Potter actually does magic. Barack Obama is a Muggle. He cannot do magic. He does what he can in human terms not in terms of Hogwarts. By the way what the hell is a "progressive?" Is it just a liberal by another name?

  2. Well, as a member of the "loony left" I don't know what to say.

    I am an advocate for single payer.

    I don't see Obama as anyone's shill. My theory (and it's only a theory) is that he bargained with Big Pharma in order to neutralize them before the real work began.

    Let's not forget Harry and Louis (sp?) There were formidable obstacles before any "reform" could be started. Reality presented itself as a bill killer at the outset.

    What we are getting is probably about the best we can do at this time. What is the proof of that?

    The votes. The way the vote turned out in the Senate and the House. And it ain't over yet. Brother Stupak is in a tiff because he believes Ben Nelson sold him out. And if anyone even hints at anything smelling like a public option Joe Lieberman can still derail the entire show.

    But look. I'm just a member of the loony left. What do I know.

    it would make so much sense, so much pragmatic sense, to adopt a single payer system. To expand Medicare to all. And so many of the complications in the current legislation reflect the nod to various special interests, including Big Pharma (It's a shame the Dorgan McCain amendment wasn't passed. At least I think so. Maybe you disagree?) and the insurance industry.

    Actually, I rather admire the way Ben Nelson got the fed to pay for all his state's Medicaid. A neat trick.

    What do I think of the health insurance industry? They're murderous leaches, vampires lurking in the night. They should all be arraigned and brought on felony charges in the Hague.

  3. Yes, I think you're right Mad Mike. A progressive is a liberal. We all had the shit scared out of us by the right when "liberal" became synonymous with "child molester" and "mass murderer."

    Liberals all ran for cover scared and the God that Never Failed Ronald Reagan took ascendency. No one stood up to this God for no liberal wanted to have his attitude questioned. Kind of reminds you of the early days of the Iraq war.

    The rightwing in the US has always been good at that. Look at Joe McCarthy. Thanks to that red scare we got John Foster Dulles, who made enough mistakes to keep us in a mess for decades. Ike didn't even like him but he too was scared of being tarred "soft on Communism."

    There just some things people are sensitive about.

    Sad. And liberalism has a great tradition and history. Do I consider myself one?

    Ahhhh, that is getting quite touchy and too personal. I like to maintain my independence anyway.


  4. I am liberal and proud of it!

  5. Hats off!

    A brave man!

    (Braver at least than a lot of Democrats in recent times who would never allow themselves to be "tarred" with the label even though they obviously are.)

  6. OK then. I guess I am kinda Progressive! Thanks Quinty! Next round is on me!

  7. Bro, let me buy you a drink too.

    But don't hurry. We have the entire night.