We've got Death Star


Or that easy?

Get yours, while supplies last.


  1. Science fiction attempts to show the costumes of the future, usually just revealing the tastes of the present. Which sooner or later are embarrassingly dated.

    But not those Darth Vader outfits above. I can see myself apparelled in one, going out for my groceries, avoiding the watchful glances of the state security police on the street. And how apropos to have rows of classic columns rising in the background, expressing the majesty of the corporate state.

    Think of all the benefits the corporatized world will bring? Why, every child's school lunch box will hold at least one waxed apple, grown in genuine industrial sludge, ripened under a sun mellowed by industrial smoke and waste, What a miracle of effective public health, since the apple will have been imported from China. And having been plucked early will still have a firm pulp, with a delicious cardboard taste.

    There are different flavors to cardboard, you know? Some tastes like dry vanilla and others taste like coffee beans which have sat in the sun too long. All delicious. Though that cardboard which has a mildewy taste may be a little overripe. And the damp may have caused it. But to each his own.

    But the benefits in this future world will be many. And when elections come along I think I'll vote for the candidate offered by AIG. The one offered by Disney isn't handsome enough. (Looks are important, you know? A presidential candidate should look like a president. Like George Bush, perhaps, after he perfected his power walk.) While the one Coca Cola offers has liberal sentiments. He believes working people deserve pay, which is far too radical for me.

    So that's how I stand on these issues. I thank you for spending a few minutes of your precious time reading this. In our corporate world nothing will be real. Except profits, of course.