Years ago when Bush debated Gore he was considered the winner because “he didn’t drool all over himself.”

When Palin debated Biden she became “the winner” because she didn’t drool all over herself.

Now O’Donnell is seen as hitting one out of the ballpark because, though she came close, she didn’t drool on herself either. And was actually able to begin a sentence, move it forward a bit, and finally finish it. Though what she said often didn’t make much sense. But no matter. In a political environment such as ours where appearances are more important than realities she did well. It sounded as if she were actually saying something. And she looked Senatorial, cute thing that she is.

Then Angle debated Reid last night. I didn’t have the stomach for that one. But I gather that Angle was able to complete a sentence too, and therefore came out the winner. Too bad for Reid. Too bad for us.

Yeah, the American political scene just keeps coming up with more yucks. At least votes can’t be bought for a shot of whiskey outside the polls anymore. Can that be considered progress?

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