I Have Not Changed

I just wanted to inform my fellow Wulfshead patrons that despite my discovery that I am of royal lineage I shall still frequent this fine establishment.
My sacred purpose is to serve the poor and middle class by fighting the republicans and their evil lies, gas guzzling SUV's , country clubs and gated communities.
Dom Peringon all around Bartender!


  1. Have you met the count?

    He's the guy about two or three barstools down who is lost in thought over his hundred year old cognac. His formal white shirt is a little wrinkly and smudged. And he has two or three days growth of beard. He has really put one on.

    Love sickness I hear.

    Have you ever been love sick? A nasty business. Hard to endure. Very, very hard. The count has connections, though, so I’ve heard, and could have his beloved done with for sure. But he doesn't want that on his conscience too. Imagine. Love sick and a sickness of the soul simultaneously with all the guilt, fear, questions, the uncertainty of being possibly caught.

    No, he won't go that route. He will drink, and drink, and drink. And maybe on some clear shiny day he will awake to the peaceful beauty again which was denied him. And he will rise, without a hangover, ready to enter the fray once again. Prepared to take in life with all its magic vigor and promise. And may even wonder what he ever saw in that woman who broke his heart in the first place.

    A tramp who was half crazy, too. Who played quite a wild game. Who saw life as a high ledge and had no qualms about pushing you or anyone else off or leaping off herself. Because Wildness was her middle name.

    Yeah, the count has come upon hard times. Fortunately he has money, and knows where to comfortably drink. So he can ride this pain without distracting financial troubles, thinking, and thinking, and thinking about the cause of his pain. Wondering if it will last for ever. For even a titled aristocrat isn’t safe from life.

  2. I'm glad The Count has you to talk to Quinty.

    I sometimes feel guilty about how good my life has been. Better than I deserve. But now that I'm a Lord I figure my hot wife can finally feel I'm worthy of her.

  3. Yeah, the count told me to tell you to never become complacent. And that not all that sparkles is gold. (Having a linage that goes back to William the Conqueror he can get away with sayings like that.)

    He also wanted to know if you would like to try his hundred year old cognac? That was before he fell off the barstool. Some count.

    Congratulations, by the way, from several of us ranked along the bar for your "promotion."

    Now that's all I have to say. Hey count, get back up here on your barstool where you belong!