With Friends Like These . . .


Yeah right!

All that's missing now is a new National Anthem.

National Anthem of Vichy France (1940-1943)


  1. OMG! So this is what the Loony Center sounds like ;-)

  2. I know.


    What to do?

    Increasingly, good honest reasonable progressive and moderate Americans have been feeling disenfranchised and are reluctant to participate in the democratic process any further, as they feel candidates running for office, from the Tea Party activists on the right, to the Radical Centrists on the left, no longer represent them anymore.

    The way I see it, it comes down to a party problem.

    I mean, let me ask you: "Tea party," "Coffee Party," how boring is that?

    Doesn't anyone know how to throw a good Beer Party anymore?

  3. I'm down with the Beer Party. That's why I visit the Wulfshead in the first place.

  4. Hey, look all you lefty loonies, the center is the goal. Always the goal. For if you can't think for yourself. what better place to position yourself than in the center, where you can sneer at extremists both on the right and left? And cozily cuddle up with your centrist ideas which are most certainly NOT EXTREME.

    Oh, no, you don't want to be like that, like you guys. So to make the sensible center work all we have to do is get rid of the Christian right, Wall Street rapacity, the military industrial complex, and, just to be "fair and balanced" - you always have to be fair and balanced, you know? - the CPUSA too. Once they're all gone then we should have no one left standing but the sensible center who always believed, to be "fair and balanced," that fundamentalist Christians should pray in the Church of Karl Marx, giving a little here, and a little there. Just to find the Golden Center. (Which has nothing to do, as you know, with Aristotle.)

    Of course, if you can think for yourself, join the fray! The universal fray in which nobody agrees with nobody. Unless of course you’re a doctrinaire Marxist or Christian fundamentalist. But even they have fallings out which is why there have always been so many splinter groups.

    But I preach. And am beginning to sound like Glenn Beck.

    (Reminding me of the street preachers I used to see at the Powell Street Landing in San Francisco. A big tourist spot, the tourists would stand around waiting to board a cable car as a street preacher hollered hell fire and damnation at them. Some impression that must have made. But sometimes another street preacher would come along who disagreed with the preacher's interpretation of a tiny clause in the Bible. And they would go at it and holler at each other and promise each other everlasting hellfire and suffering and torment and damnation over the meaning of that clause...... Oh, if only they had known about the "sacred center" too...}

    Some impression they must have made on the waiting tourists.

  5. Ah! radical centrists, I don't know very well.

    They seem to see the world in very black and white, Manichean terms. I personally believe that to be an intellectual limitation.

  6. As a card carrying member of the Loony Left I have always been befuddled by the cultural limitations our country imposes on common sense solutions to widespread societal problems.

    It shows you how well all those Robber Barrens actually succeeded. They called Roosevelt a Socialist. (Roosevelt!) And now they call Obama an extremist Socialist too. (Obama!!!)

    That's all because the tenets of Orthodox Capitalism have stuck, ingrained in the American soul. "All government is bad." Win that rhetorical argument and Free Enterprise can get away with anything it wishes.

    We have a unique definition of Socialism here in the US. It doesn't even really have anything to do with Marx or Stalin but their shades color it. And we know it is bad. Socialism here is equated with Big Government. And Big Government is the problem. I watched Tony Morrison a little earlier on today talk about how words shape how we see each other. Today, she said, we no longer speak of "citizens" of our country, but of "tax payers." And of course, tax payers don't like to see "their money" taken from them by government. Because their money "belongs" to them. Whereas a "citizen" see a responsibility of citizenship in participating by helping to pay for our basic needs. Needs, needless to say, which can not be met by the private sector.

    Right on, Toni!

  7. In California, according to a famous account from 1896, there was "only one kind of politics and that was corrupt politics. It didn't matter whether a man was a Republican or a Democrat. The Southern Pacific Railroad controlled both parties."


    Now, here is radical centrism for you (´ー`)

    Aren't you glad we left all that behind when we stepped into the third millennium?

  8. We have had a great start so far, haven't we?

    Two needless wars, a tide of xenophobia, an economic collapse based on greed, mounting environmental problems, on and on.....

    Anyone here for a copy of Decision Points?