Softly, softly, treads the Mungle

Clearly Assad ought to be commanded, here, for his non-lethal methods of crowd control. I mean this is the way it is done in Europe and the US and the rest of the "civilized" world, isn't it so?

Iran, you say?

Ah, that would explain it, then.

Cause', you know, I was going to say:

"What? No water cannons?"

Ah, Assad, Assad,'ve still got so much to learn. (And so little time?)

If crowd control is your game, forget Ahmadinejad, the man is just an amateur. Like you, he's still got so much to learn in the ways of the free word.

Take your cue form the pros:

Don't pay the Mullahs of Iran any heed — you know better than that. Do your own research.

Keep up to date:

Canadian police show off another “less lethal” crowd control toy deployed at the coinciding G8 and G20 in Canada, last year.

Pop goes the Greek police Tactical Baton® over the head of one of the "aganaktismenoi" (the "outraged," of the Indignant Citizens Movement) who have been demonstrating since May in Athens and in many cities across Greece to protest "the pauperizing of working Greeks, the loss of sovereignty that has turned the country into a neocolonial fiefdom of bankers, and the destruction of democracy."

And if all fails, do yourself a favor and hire yourself some real pros, true and tested.

'works for us:

All for the good of your people, of course.

Welcome to the free world, Assad, you lucky bastard!.

2012 is approaching rapidly, and there is an election coming on. Pay close attention, now, and you may learn a thing or two.

Our Mungle speaks tonife at eight
He tell us wop to doo

What, with a little luck, soon, your people, too, shall learn to love Vogon poetry.

Some will tell you that listening to it is an experience similar to torture. But don't you believe them, now: "America doesn't torture."

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