Why don't they leave?

It's not uncommon to hear "Why do women stay in abusive relationships?" or "Why don't they leave?"

The main reason "they stay" is they are too afraid to leave—they feel they have nowhere to go.

I must say I find it a little disconcerting to find similar feelings of learned helplessness being echoed (and/or willfully propagated) inside the political forums of news websites, on threads very much like this one:

It is a sad state of affairs for America, and indeed for democracy, when apparently, and by jatrig's own admission, above, Liberals in this country should feel that the only two options open to them is to either stay in the abusive relationship they perceive themselves to be in, or else end up "with a pimp."

There's got to be more to the word than this.

Or is there?

Maybe someone ought to write a self-help book about this.

That being said, I thought Jon Stewart's piece was spot on, as usual (no reason really for anyone to go ballistic over it—Jeez! when did the Dems lose their sense of humor?):


  1. What’s the lesson of the whole DNC for us? It’s this:


    "The majority of Democratic elected officials might be corporatist tools once in office. They might dismiss us as hippies and “retards.” But when the going gets tough, it’s our message that they count on to resonate with the American people.

    We cannot trust them to live out that message, to act on it. They will only borrow it when it suits them. We have to act on that message ourselves. Nobody’s going to do it for us...
    For now, know this. We have the winning message – and it’s time we started acting like it.

    More here.

  2. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he was “disappointed” in the union for turning its back on negotiations, and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) urged both sides back to the negotiating table.

    Where does Obama stand?

  3. Noteworthy interview with Fred Klongsky, here:

    - What grade would you give Mayor Rahm Emanuel so far in the strike?

    - A failing grade...
    Harold Washington, who was the mayor in the 1980s, was far better. He actually paid attention to the needs of the most needy. Rahm Emanuel doesn’t.
    Of course, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have offered their support to Mayor Emanuel. We have a Democratic mayor putting Republican educational policies into practice. It’s a sad day for the city of Chicago.