Eye of the Beholder


Am I the only one, here, who finds that TED Talks, as a medium, is a bit dated (in an anachronistic sort of a way), and out of synch with the current interactive digital information age.

A famous SNL sketch comes to mind:

I mean, I understand that no one is forcing anyone to be part of the audience, of course. One would have to submit an application first, and be accepted. So, there is always the off chance they'll reject you. One should be that lucky! But even if one were to have made the big expensive mistake (at $7,500 a ticket) to accept such an invitation; do not despair, there is always a way out (Don't count on getting your money back, though. Nor do expect to be invited again—ever! Even at $7,500 a pop.):

I don't know. If you asks me, the days of the lecturer standing pontificating on a stage or at a lectern—even for just 18 minutes (or maybe especially for just 18 minutes) or so—to a passive audience are numbered.

Snowcloning James Carville's famous slogan: "It's the medium, stupid."

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