Non ne luy coupés pas !

There have been speculations as to the reasons for Chris Matthews’s relentless "shilling" for Hillary Clinton. is running a petition demanding MSNBC's suspension of Chris Mathhews for the duration of the Democratic primaries.

I don't know.

While, certainly, there is no denying that there is potentially a case to be made for some possible conflict of interest, here:

I am inclined to give Chris Matthews the benefit of the doubt.

Sometimes, you just have to give stupidity credit where stupidity credit is due. I think Chris Matthews is just simply being the usual blowhard self he has always been.

In other words, Chris Matthews doesn’t need a motive to be a biased Beltway insider and a disingenuous political hack. That’s who he is. It’s his nature.

Does anyone even take him all that seriously?

No, no need to cut Chris Matthew's Hardball off, MSNBC.

There is very little left, there, worth to be taken seriously, or of any consequence to anyone.

Gabriel Bataille’s 1613 popular song about a satyr’s clumsy courtship of a nymph comes to mind:

Just bring us back someone of some courage who is not afraid to play ball where and when it actually matters.

Bring us back Keith Olbermann, MSNBC! What do you say?


  1. If you're interested in what Bernie Sanders had to say, last night — apparently MSNBC was not (and neither were CNN and FOX News) — the speech is available on C-SPAN: [Link]

  2. "This is what Chris Matthews sounds like after he's been huffing way too much of that Tip and the Gipper, bipartisan, magical fairy dust during MSNBC's Super Tuesday election coverage."
    — Crooks and Liars:
    Chris Matthews Suggests Hillary Clinton Pick John Kasich For A Running Mate