Heresy or Apostasy?


What?! GASP! How more blasphemous than that can one be?

Thanks for the heads-up, citizens!

That's right! Members of the Democratic Party, like Tulsi Gabbards, better watch their tongue, if they know what's good for them.

Woe betide the Progressives who gets on the bad side of the Neocons and their Clinton Democrats allies, for the DNC Inquisitors are notorious in their zeal.

The DNC Ordo Hereticus is the largest of the DNC ordos and its Inquisitors watch for insurgents within the Imperium's own party.

Although primarily concerned with monitoring the Ecclesiarchy, the DNC has expanded its jurisdiction to encompass the other perceived internal threats to the Imperium: witches, mutants, heretics, traitors and other "progressive" deviants.

Some inquisitors within the DNC have been specializing in the identification and eradication of rogue "progressives." They may have numerous cells of Acolytes at their disposal, which range from hive-toughened flamer squads, trained to purge large infected areas, to precision assassination cells, which remove and replace key political figures that have succumbed to the "progressive" lure.