I have opinions of my own...

-- strong opinions -- but I don't always agree with them.


  1. "The future will be better tomorrow."

  2. En la oscuridad sólo veo los ojos de la Esfinge de Tanis.
    Están inmóviles y me miran. Yo también los miro inmóvil.
    De pronto, en un ojo veo escrito MIEDO y en el otro ESPERANZA.
    Pero, de repente, la Esfinge cierra los ojos y ya sólo veo la oscuridad.
    ---Fernando Arrabal, La Piedra de la Locura

  3. "If I had anything to apologize for then I'd think I know good enough not mention it here. Fruitloops! .. I'm not big on Cheerios and other foreigner cereals and stuff."

    Thanks for inviting me to participitate, Bartender!

    Btw, it's good to see you're still kickin' it, Tom Bombadil!

  4. Hmm... The dinner menu is all well and good, but do you serve dessert at this establishment?

  5. I would have recommended the pie, sir.

    Alas, sir, it is an item that is no longer on the menu.

    Two gentlemen, sir, four years ago, they bough the last ones we used to have on the menu, and just walked out with them.

  6. I wouldn't know, sir...they didn't say, sir.