Black is the color

We have always been a little wary of religious zealots. You know, like Saint Gorgeous or the Holy Rollers.

Or The Really Righteous Atheist Brothers.

The Atheist Brothers can be downright boring, actually. If nothing else, there is some measure of entertainment value to Saint Gorgeous or the Holy Rollers. As I always say, if you're going to get religious on me, at least make it fun! I don't know, use your imagination. Ride a funny cubicle car, like the Pope does. Or go skyclad like The Sisters of La Vecchia Religione.

Kali Mystics are alright. As a matter of fact, the bartender fixed one for me, just last night.

I mean, the real thing. None of that Amaretto/Rum/7-up crap they serve in some places.

The bartender actually used black vodka. And while I do usually prefer my drinks on the dry side, I thought the hint of black raspberry liqueur was a nice touch.

This Martini comes with a black olive, of course! No maraschino cherry at The Wulfshead. No, sir.

Black will always be the color that defines style and sophistication. There is an undeniable mystic allure to it. As the bartender put it: "it definitely has a place in the world of spirits."


  1. Alas Nausicaa, perhaps you live too much in the classical past. The Holly Rollers are dead. The last of them succumbed to the wounds of the prickly leaves suffered during his rolling trance on the Golden Plaza in 1975. Perhaps you could bring me a Kali Mystic in his memory.

    Raul Julia was a great actor, and I mourn his tragic passing. I look at Anjelica Huston and I always think here was a union of John and Ava Gardner. Anyone have inside info on that kind of thing?

    Somebody pretty big cut in on Sinatra. Ava said of Frank that he only weighed 120 pounds...but 40 pounds was cock. When she dumped him we got the best music out of Sinatra he ever sang. C'mon Utah, I'm countin' on ya.

  2. A Kali Mystic? Are you sure, sir? Didn't the gentleman just have a Lightning Grass?

    You know what they say about mixing drinks, sir.

    As the gentleman wishes. This one is on Maxi Jazz, sir.

    Nausicaa had to leave early. Something about taking the long way home, sir.

  3. Bartender is taking the Einstein post too seriously. Lightning Grass was introduced at Utah's birthday party a month ago...and then I shared the chocolate martini. I had the grass in both tea versions.

    Thanks to Maxi Jazz for picking up the tab. I'm not acquainted with him yet...but am coming along nicely in my HipHop education. Spent last weekend at an intensive.

  4. Oh what a sorry calender you have. My birthday is in June. Would I be anything but a Gemini? Born in the year of the monkey. But like the monkey that I am we can celebrate my birthday every month if it pleases anyone.

    I like Nausicaa. If she isn't here I'm making an early evening of it.

    I do believe that Raul Julia was one of the worlds great looking men as well as a very fine actor. I mourned his too soon departure from this incarnation.

  5. Omigod, that's right! It was PJ's birthday party.

    And my comments up there seem preachy. Yuck. Big Brother, Bartender...everybody's taking time off: maybe I'd better too. Schoolyearend stressout.