Grieve no more

Grieve no more!

Beer today...

More tomorrow...


  1. Well, it hardly has the romance of a big wooden tugger...with the barperson doing her best not to spill too much down the drain---or her scoopneck blouse. I do like those bluesy androids though. Androids maybe, robots never.

  2. Seems like someone has to step up to the bar, take a deep breath and "Begin the Beguine" as this place is too elegant, too quiet even for the couple in the corner melting ice cubes while they whisper. I think I shall be a "greeter" and welcome the stragglers, even though I have just been invited into this place. I know that couple but I best put on my Carnival in Rio half mask and act like I know what I am doing and let them be.

  3. To be or not to be bop, that is the question, ain't it?

    Here is what's bound to please the old jazz man. Would you believe, he wouldn't pour himself a drink? He's funny that way. It takes a lady to order him a round.