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...and Jazzo!

All praise be to bacon!


  1. Ah yes. Everything should taste like bacon! What better to pour in the pot of steaming cabbage than a slab of bacon well lubed? Especially off the hot griddle of my pals Judy&Dick YabYum.

    Say Doc, you need an experienced male nurse to help you attend to your various activities? Nothin' kinky though.

  2. Freida Bee MD, if I slather Baconlube all over my body will this make me more attractive to you?

    And just so you know, Jazzlog is too thinking of something kinky. Not me though, oh no, not me. My love is pure as... Well, lets just say it is pure and leave it at that.

  3. Pure?


    Someone has purity?

    In its original form?


    Exercised and tested?

    !00 % or 99.99% pure?

    How can one move through space when pure?

    Does one drift, float, fly, bound, leap, or merely spread wing, and ascend, like an angel, pure among the pure? Does the sun up there burn? Can the pure see their way through the night? With aid of the stars? Or do they sleep the sleep of the innocent?


    Well, today I feel more like an old grassy sod. About a square foot of pure rich Arctic loam, with a bit of permafrost running through the veins, a decayed tooth or two, preferably from a woolly mammoth, all pressed within a rich block of earth. And let's not forget the seeds, those in springtime the birds flock to? Ah yes, my kind of purity is like a rich dark beer. A northern beer. One which makes the spread of the northern lights glow and hum. That’s my mood on this cold rainy day in New England. Listening to it pour outside.

    How lonely the pure must be.

  4. It's true, the pure are lonely. One can only remain pure locked in the bunker. But I'd get very unpure for Dr. Bee if she'd have me. Does it make me any more attractive to you Dr. Bee to know I'm sick? Oh yes, sick. That I am. Doctor, Doctor, Ms MD...

  5. Quinty, it's not nice to mock the old and savage ones. If you can't respect your elders, you can at least pretend to be sweet to them.

  6. I clicked on your link and searched your dossier. Nothing there indicates you are older than me.

    But offense is offense, and I apologize. Life, we have often enough been told, is short. To know how short one must live long. To get a sense of the full measure.

    The longer one lives the more he is pitied. For being old. But what is the alternative? So the oldest person alive is Gertrude Baines, a 113 years old, going on 100 sweet 16. Not that old among the annals of the very old. But it's something to strive for. I'll meet you at the gate.

  7. Dear Quinty, I never thought I'd make it past 30, so it's all bonus time to me. I came of age and out into the world when rock and roll was young. Then the sex and drugs. I am indeed a woman of my generation. I never loved rock and roll all that much, but it was a time of much experimentation. I think one of mottos of my generation was, "Don't knock it if you haven't tried it." I am a leading edge boomer. We are the generation that ruined if for everyone else. Free love? Not so free after all. Now you all have to have safe sex. Now I no longer care about sex (that is unless Freida Bee, MD decided to rescue me from my humdrum life) But do not ever try to part me from my reefer, not even you Dr.Bee. When I die I hope someone has the sense to make sure my obituary has a lovely photo of me smoking a joint. Thus, the savage part. I am surprised you let me in. This can't be much of a club if I can get an invite.

  8. Personally, being a vegetarian, I use Faconlube™, but I assure you it is gets all the right parts just porky enough to say, "Yum."

    Did someone say male nurse? I need some assistance in the supply closet where we keep the Faconlube™, as a matter of fact. ;)

    Utah- Baconlube, soymilk, graham crackers, whatevs. Yer yummy!

  9. Supply closet? Maybe I'm overqualified for that kind of work. Tres facile. Will a complete physical be required?

  10. Dick and Judy? Is this the Dick of Dick, Jane, and Sally all grown-up with a wife of his own? Living an impure life here at the Bar when he should be tucked safely inside a schoolbook. What have the 50's come to? Any more of that rich dark beer? I yearn to experience the pure spread of the northern lights glowing and humming.

  11. No, no, no, these are the YabYums of Dubuque, not RunSpotRun of schoolbook fame. They aren't members here I believe, but rather stir their cabbage in preparation for the big City Expo next week: Building A Sustainable Dubuque. The pure life of which Quinty expounds. Unlike the dark beer here, which is made from the ground up boards of the old vats. Delicious and hearty though. In fact one night I watched the glowing lights inside and face down under a table.

  12. A sustainable Dubuque.

    That's been worrying me.

    Glad to see somethng is being done.