Joe the Plumber's Ethic meme makes it to Britannia!


Tally-ho! All hail the Grand Old Party...

And all hail Britannia!

One must devour it all, whether it be other humans, wealth, power, or the world itself!

Good traditional Christian Ethic and Family Values Jesus would be proud of.

All rise now...


  1. Code GEASS, Ben? I didn't know you were acquainted with the series. Color me impressed!

    And a good April Fool's day to you too ;-)

  2. This thing has gotten out of hands.

  3. All right then. I now tag the following Wulfshead's patrons and visitors for the "Don't spread my wealth, spread my work ethic" meme:

    - Lockwood (because of this),

    - Dr. Zaius (Because it's his Simian dutty: "Man is a walking pestilence, the sooner he is exterminated, the better."),

    - Darius Whiteplume (Because some things do take a wizard.),

    - PJ (Because I can?),

    - Utah Savage (because, hey, everything is political or not).

  4. Not jazzolog?

    Or quinty?

  5. Righty ho!

    - jazzolog and Quinty, too (because Nausicaa put me up to it.)

  6. I say, old chap, that's just not cricket. You didn't even post any rules.

  7. LOL

    I think Ben is putting us on, Tom.

  8. I don't know. I can never tell when he's joking about things like that.

  9. Maybe he can't either ;-)

  10. I got a new entry on this coming up. Stay tuned.

    In the meantime, I understand Michelle greeted the Queen by putting her sinewy (as Maureen Dowd LOVES to describe it) arm around Her Majesty's shoulder. No one who has met the Queen EVER has done that. Elizabeth responded by putting her arm around Michelle's waist. Pals! Or...just another white grandma. Who knows?

    AND a new approach to international diplomacy: give foreign leaders an IPOD with a custom playlist. I guess the Queen got Rodgers & Hammerstein. Imagine her walking around the castle with an ipod in her ear. What would you put on a playlist for the Queen? How about Getting Cheeky with Will Smith?

  11. now available for general perusal and delight.

  12. What?!? Is that a painting of Christ Driving the Money Changers out of the Temple on jazzolog's blog? What kind of treasonous pinko idea is THAT?! OOOG! AAACK! I got the dry heaves!! Wait until the Emperor hears about that. Ah, I knew it, the painting is by a French painter too. That figures!!! And who cares what Mahatma Gandhi, Gandyou, Gandme, thinks that the seven deadly sins ought to be. You've got to be kidding me. The guy wasn't even a Christian!

    Jazzolog's immortal soul is in dire danger! Time for an intervention:

    Hear me LORD, I come to you to pray for jazzolog and his misguided ways. Let jazzolog Believe in the Savior JESUS CHRIST like only revivalists christians understand HIM. Let the wisdom of Todd Bentley, and others that the spirit has touched, show him THE WAY in YOUR name.

    It's Ok, it's not jazzolog's fault. It can be so easy, these days, to misunderstand the teaching of Christ. But It's not too late. Jazzolog's own admission that maybe he's been reading the wrong guys is a step in the right direction. There is help: people like Warren L. Adams, a preacher, teacher and mentor, concerned about the losts and the Christians, who like jazzolog, are not living their life to the fullest for the glory of God. He is the author of "Its Ok To Be Rich but Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God". For your free copy of the first chapter of his book go to

    Those psychologist are dangerous deluded godless heretics, jazzolog. Money doesn't mess with anyone's mind. Psychologists do. Greed is OK. And so is kicking old ladies in the face. All for the greatest glory of God.

  13. Pretty seditious stuff, indeed. Next thing you know, Jazzolog is going to tell Wall Street that they should stop worshiping the Golden Calf.

  14. Well said, Nausicaa. I am hereby tagging you with the "Don't spread my wealth, spread my work ethic" meme.

  15. I have no wealth to spread, and no particular work ethic. Unless lying in bed and reading and listening to news all day is considered a work ethic. My goal these days is to stay out of trouble, avoid people, and pay attention to what the American press is saying. I'm not particularly well educated, unless reading hundreds if thousands of books counts. So stop picking on me and I'll keep quite.

    Nausticaa, I'm quite sure you must think me rather stupid. If I promise to sit at my table and forego smoking for awhile, will you allow me to just listen quietly? I might learn something--you never know, it might be possible. And no I'm not a female Forest Gump, but if life is like a box of chocolates, I'll have mine very dark and French.

    But I've been memed to death lately. I now have nothing more to say. Last to tag me was Dr. Zaius. He didn't have the courtesy to drop by after I fulfilled his request. So I'm through with memes for a while, much like I'm through with love.

  16. Here's a painting of the re-regulation of the money changers I like even more, but I already used it obviously. So yeah, I get serious about Palm Sunday, and the parade into the Big Apple. Was it all a publicity stunt or suicidal ideation? I mean, we all know what Dick Cheney would do to you...and the fear with which he's held Washington at bay all these years.

    I figure whatever your act---juggling, basketball, singing, son of man---if you get good enough, either you go to the Big City or you give it up and disappear, "a legend in your own time." Jerusalem was the big time of that time, and there was nowhere else to go. If your life is spiritual pilgrimage, you go to the main temple. What Jesus did when he got there, to me, was one of the great acts of courage in all of history. The demonstrators at G20 know a little more about this today.

    Since this entry is about the ethics of Joe the Plumber, somebody ought to mention the guy I guess. He was campaigning in Pennsylvania the other day in opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act. What a great working stiff, yeah? Catch the video of Joe actually being asked a question that required some thought~~~

    Meanwhile Palin is shrugging off her state's Senate. If they end up impeaching her, I wonder if there'll have to be a shootout.

    I was called a pinko before---way back in the fall of '63. My first principal, in The Bronx, referred to be as a "Kennedy pinko." A couple months later JFK was shot dead.

  17. But thanks for the prayers Ben.

  18. Goodness gracious me, a Luca Fà-presto, "The Proteus" of painting! I'll have to ask the bartender about him. I wonder if he knew him.

  19. Ha Ha Ha, sir.

    I hate to disappoint the gentleman, but I never had the pleasure of meeting Luca Giordano. I wish I had, sir. I am, however, acquainted with the artist's work and I know of him what most people know---that is, not much, sir.

    They say Giordano had an astonishing facility, which often lead to an impression of superficiality of his works. He left many works in Rome, and far more in Naples. Of the latter, his Christ expelling the Traders from the Temple in the church of the Padri Girolamini is a colossal work, full of expressive "lazzaroni" as you can tell by the picture provided by the gentleman from Ohio.

    Alas, The Wulfshead has no copy of his work. Giordano's paintings are hard to come by, sir, and The wulfshead prides itself in displaying original works only. No cheap reproductions, here. You'll find no fakes at The Wulfshead, sir. An no phony plumber, either.