Something there is that doesn't love a wall


Of all men who are alive, who knows anything?
They do not know whether they do good or evil.
0 lord, do not cast aside thy servant!
He is cast into the mire; take his hand.
The iniquity which I have committed, let the wind carry away.
My many transgressions tear off like a garment!
My god, my sins are seven times seven; forgive my sins!
My goddess, my sins are seven times seven; forgive my sins!
Known and unknown god, my sins are seven times seven; forgive my sins.
--Sumerian Penitential Prayer

"Gaza is Israel's Warsaw -- a vast concentration camp that confined and blockaded Palestinians...We are witness to a slow-motion process of genocide," says UC Santa Barbara's tenured sociology professor William I. Robinson in an e-mail he sent to the 80 students in his sociology of globalization class. The e-mail contains more than two dozen photographs of Jews in the Warsaw ghetto during the Holocaust juxtaposed with nearly identical images of Palestinians in the Gaza strip. The snapshot above features three of those pictures.

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  1. We may see this all come to a climax within the next few years. The Israeli far right is eager to finish the occupation of the West Bank. The propaganda machine has set up a hard firm protective wall and very few Americans are willing to attempt to walk through it. Though that is all it would take. Just a brave step through the wall. Obama approaches the lobby on his knees. But they’re nervous, anyway. Let’s hope that is a good sign. Some Israel Firsters of my acquaintance are going crazy over the possibility of a two state solution. “Let them go to Jordan,” they say. How would they feel if the shoe were on their foot? Well, in fact, they have already experienced that.