The Strange Little Fellow by the Fireside

I see... That would explain a lot. Like that strange little fellow by the fireside:


  1. Praise God...and that Bombadil fellow! I decided to look up what a "Fay being" is---knowing perfectly well I am engaged by them all the time---and I came upon this wonderful website. Here Sister Mary Maria, "ex-Papist wench, now the Godly Mrs. J. Whitford," lashes out---with strong, fundamentalist cleansing strokes---at a newly-discovered Tina Fay (sic). A classic blog entry~~~

    "My cousin Pauline forwarded me this video of some woman named Tina Fay from some show called 'Saturdays Live' completely disrespecting and disparaging our soon-to-be Vice President!
    "The misogyny on view here is repugnant as they try to show Hitlery being all about substance and intelligence and Vice President Sarah Palin as having none! Yet another typical LIEberal, woman-hating smear campaign.
    Well, all I've got to say is booooooooo, Tina Fay! BOOOOOOOOO! Take your hatred of females back to whatever elite ivory tower coffee shop you and your fellow hippy beatniks hang out in and leave the comedy to the professionals, like the beloved and missed The 1/2 Hour News Hour from Fox News!"

  2. Tis a fey wind that blows through the portals of the Wulfshead, to be sure...