Think nothing of it

Patrons have always been free to bring their animal companions to The Wulfshead, and vice-versa.

It's easier that way. One obvious reason is that there are patrons here who would never accept being separated from their familiar...

...Don't stare.

Another, less obvious reason to one unaccustomed to The Wulfshead's clientèle, is that considering that Man is after all an animal too (not to mention a "pestilence"), there would otherwise be those occasions that would make it a bit awkward trying to establish which is which.

Besides, people here don't like it when you start asking too many questions.

All and all, I like it that way; it helps atypical social environment.

Especially the dogs. As far as I'm concerned, they make the bar a more human place.


  1. How very very civilized we are. Yes, I am definitely an animal. I think I may be a coyote or large feline. Hard to tell sometimes.

  2. I knew it. Rick Santorum was right...

  3. Ah, I think this one belongs here: Portrait of the Savage One with Guardian, painted by Susan from phantsythat ;-)