Do you like Pistachios?

Ahhh.... well then, Click Here to see a 12 second video of me cracking one open. My sincerest apologies for stealing a 10 pound bag of the Wulfshead pistachio stock. Without them I'd never have attempted to try this for it took me quite some time to perfect my technique. ;-)


  1. I am more of a pecan kind of guy. I have about 10 trees in my yard. They are especially tasty when baked with salt and butterscotch.

  2. Jin has an uncanny knack for unleashing topics with which I am obsessed. I take special pride in my ability to pop one, unshelled---and even uncracked---into my mouth, and remove the nut including all signs of the skin with teeth and tongue, depositing the glistening shell in my little mound on the bar. The pistachio can be salted, dyed red, or in any condition whatsoever. I have mastered all this with my own mother wit, no magic involved. I also consider a hot fudge sundae on pistachio ice cream to be the epitome of human achievement. (No phony whipped cream or cherries, please.)

    MadMike distracts me with his pecan comment. Of course a pecan is rather more of a challenge to open...and I would not attempt one with my teeth---unless desperate. Of course I'd probably prefer a pecan if it's already open. It's possible a hot fudge pecan sundae (vanilla ice cream, please) is superior to the pistachio one...but it's more sinful.

  3. A bucolic calm has set on the bar. Dust motes gamble in the ray of sun. The jukebox silent. Each drink a doorway to deeper thought. Broken nut shells lie scattered on the floor, emphasizing a deep humanity. A tableau of peace presents itself, broken only at one's peril. For a sacred sense of life has filled the air.