Feathers in the wind

The original Korean title is Git (feather).

It goes something like this:

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  1. 이 영화는 아주 재미있습니다. 알았으면 좋게 한국어를 더을 즐길 수 있습니다.

    유령 춤

  2. I don't know, Ghost Danser. If you are looking for more Korean movies, Christmas in August is quite popular.

    I understand that the movie was the inspiration behind the resolution of Japanese actress Yuko Fueki (that is Yoo Min) to pursue a career in Korea. Or so she says. (I wouldn't know - either way, it makes for a pretty story.) A remake of the film, 8-gatsu no Kurisumasu, was produced in Japan but it's just not as good as Hur Jin-ho's version.

    Me? What I like about Song Il-gon's Feathers in the Wind is how the mood (the performances, soundtrack and cinematography) all manage to transcend languages. (As does Tango.) There is an existential quality about it, fundamentally human and humane that comes across whether one understands Korean or not. It was also Song's first domestic success, with some Korean critics acclaiming it as the best romance ever filmed in Korea. Song's first feature film, Flower Island, while successful internationally, was not met with the same degree of recognition in South Korea.

  3. I say Holmes, something about the way Nausicaa puts that phrase "I wouldn't know either way" reminds me of someone. I think we may have a clue that will crack this case!