Is There Anything To Eat?

Leda And The Swan, by Peter Paul Rubens

Often drunk and seldom sober
falls like the leaves in October.

---old saying

Dry your barley land in October,
Or you’ll always be sober.

---even older saying

Lack of money is the root of all evil.

---George Bernard Shaw

Hungry Men Love Larger Ladies
By: Tom Jacobs

A man's image of the perfect romantic partner varies depending upon whether he is feeling hungry. That's the conclusion of a newly published study, which finds peckish males prefer females who are heavier, taller and older.

The research, published in the Journal of Social, Evolutionary and Cultural Psychology, confirms and expands upon two previous papers: a 2005 study that concluded heavier women are preferred in cultures with scarce resources, and a 2006 British study that found hunger influences judgments of female physical attractiveness.

The latter report, in the British Journal of Psychology, concluded that males with empty stomachs preferred heavier females. The new study refines that earlier research, suggesting that what hungry men find appealing isn't stored fat per se, but rather the aura of maturity that larger, taller and older women embody.

A research team led by psychologist Terry F. Pettijohn II of Coastal Carolina University conducted two surveys of 162 and 166 undergraduates, respectively. The students were approached just before or after eating dinner at a campus dining hall, and asked to assess their hunger level on a scale of one to 10.

The undergrads were asked specific questions about their ideal romantic partner, including the fantasy figure's height, weight and age. They were also asked to choose between two sets of personality traits: One that included words such as "strong, mature, independent, competent," and another that featured such terms as "warm, naïve, kind, agreeable."

Ravenous males described a perfect partner who was relatively older, taller and heavier. The differences between their perfect 10 and that of satiated men were relatively small — less than one year in age, and less than 1 inch in height — but they were statistically significant and consistent across the two surveys.

The women's description of their ideal hunk did not vary significantly depending upon their hunger level. "However, hungry females preferred males with mature personality characteristics over non-mature characteristics," the researchers write.

The researchers explain this using evolutionary psychology. According to the "environmental security hypothesis," a term Pettijohn introduced in a 1999 paper, "interpersonal preferences may partially depend on how secure or insecure individuals feel regarding their surroundings at any given time." They note that earlier research found Playboy centerfold models tend to be older, heavier and taller "during historical periods of threat."

Hunger is, of course, an indicator of threat: The body needs food! "Hunger signals the need for nutritional input, which is a signal of resource scarcity," the researchers write, "and should lead the individual to engage in behaviors and show preferences in line with that state of scarcity or threat."

"Peckish males?" Hmmm, never heard that one before. "Peckish" apparently is a synonym for "hungry," more commonly in Britain. I'll leave inevitable lewd commentary to other patrons. Miller-McCune magazine is out of California somewhere, and available online and at newsstands.


  1. i'm willin' if you're game.... but i would not turn your back..... i'm back

  2. I can't speak for the fairer sex Jazzolog, but the most important thing with most guys I know is that his partner just be willing and a good sport.

  3. I always say men only want me for my chocolate!

    Ahhh... but I do believe food IS sex.
    I don't mean as a prop either.
    Well I mean it can be... but that's a different subject for a different day when I'm not so sober. ;-)
    ...i digress...
    Appetizer = 'the come on'
    Dinner = 'the sex'
    Dessert = 'the orgasm'

    ...annnnnnnd what is it that jinny creates?


  4. Well Ghost, you seem to have an interesting blog, but I no longer get intrigued by now-you-see-me-now-you-don't on the Internet. I got past peek-a-boo at age 2. Materialize if you can.

    Ghost talks about "game" (here comes hunting season) and for Truth it's about being a sport. Friday night football.

    And here's jin, slathered in chocolate...not too dark I hope. But is she these hard times? Don't know.

    Anyway, I think the orgasm is the main inter(esting) long as there has been copious appetizing foreplay. (All the plays could be worked out in practice before the big game.) For me, dessert is afterglow. Easing on down...and struggling not to do the ol' male rollover and snore.

  5. Of all the orgasms I've experienced, the most memorable involved chocolate. Of course, considering the mess, your partner has to be a good sport. But the cleanup afterward is pretty memorable also. If not fattening.

  6. You mean you only pour chocolate onto your partner's bed? What's wrong with hot fudge in your own sheets? If it's that hardening shell stuff, do you have to chip it off in the shower?

  7. This is a good reason why when your partner says "your place or mine?" Say "your's."