Praying for Armageddon?

I know what you are thinking...

When did Christianity become such a culture of death?

Actually, The World Aflame is not what you think, and the author has more in common with Neil Gaiman's Sandman than with Choronzon---or the end-times Apocalyptic Fundamentalist Christians (hard to tell them apart from Choronzon, these days) .

Choronzon and Dream - A hope in Hell (Neil Gaiman)

In truth, there is very little I really know about the blogger other than the blog itself. The author sure strikes me as a person of refined taste, though. And a passionate soul.

I don't know how serious our bartender is with this honest scrap award business but I submit that The World Aflame belongs onto the list.

The Wulfshead sure could use some of that fire.

I would have invited the author over, but The World Aflame has no email listed.


  1. And, er, none of this new found interest would have anything to do with this affection of yours for desert wines now, would it?

  2. Desert wine?


    "This desert rose
    Each of her veils, a secret promise...

    Nah...nothing so poetic ;-)

    Though I must say:

    "This fire burns."

    You know how it is:

    "I realize that nothing's as it seems"


    "I dream of rain
    I dream of gardens in the desert sand...