Everything is under control

Bionic Universal soon to launch fourth generation of Synthesized Humanoid robots. The fourth-generation will no longer have the "simplified subroutine" component (responsible for the second generation model's famous September 11 meltdown), but will include instead a "dock" subroutine allowing the programmer to instruct the B.U.S.H. IV to dock with its owners in time of emergency.
The first generation B.U.S.H. I had to be retired early (after one term only), after it was deemed that this early model antiquated social subroutine's lack of familiarity with the details of day-to-day human life in America, which had become public, made it a liability to Bionic Universal.

The B.U.S.H. II (dubbed "Dubya") replaced the previous model which had been judged not manageable enough during the first Gulf War. This simplified and less autonomous model while more docile was also afflicted with numerous glitches, including a momentary complete shut-down on September 11, 2001, in reason of the absence of some of the autonomous subroutines of the B.U.S.H. I model which had been deemed undesirable.

The B.U.S.H. III (dubbed "Barry") was introduced in 2007 and features several improved social subroutines, including emulation components especially designed with American progressives in mind.

The B.U.S.H. IV (dubbed "the rogue") comes with a simplified interface and is stripped of some of the program generated flexibility of earlier versions.

It is positioned to be the most manageable version of the B.U.S.H. series to date.

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