I wish every Dem senator (at least) would read this

Glenn Greenwald on The Democratic Party's deceitful game:

(quotes edited for space follow)

Basically, this is how things have progressed:

Progressives: We want a public option! ...Now that you're going to pass the bill through reconciliation after all, you can include the public option that both you and we love, because you only need 50 votes, and you've said all year you have that!

Democrats/WH: No.'s not the right time for the public option. The public option only polls at 65%, so it might make our health care bill -- which polls at 35% -- unpopular.

On both policy and political grounds, a public-option-free mandate seems distastrous for Democrats.


  1. Isn't it? Greenwald's got a good eye for nuance and detail, and is also a good writer.