I've spent most of the morning dealing with these. Military intelligence gave them to my father during the Spanish Civil War. They are mostly photographs of civilians. Not the kind we often see.

Well, why have I been dealing with them? Because they were on loan for an exhibition in Spain recently and the person who borrowed them mailed them back to me in an envelope which tore open, and the photographs were lost. So I went down to the post office here (before a blizzard is set to arrive) to put fill out a form which will start a search. And, having images of the photographs I had to email them to the post office to help them in their search.

So seeing these photos once again I was struck by how tragic and dramatic they are. That's why I'm sharing them with you.....

If you have never seen war consider yourself lucky. I do.

If anyone is offended, I apologize.


  1. WWII? Appears to be some English soldiers but not sure about the ones with the really funny helmets. Location: Italy? Greece? Very powerful pictures indeed.

  2. Spain, Mike, the Spanish Civil War.

    Yes, powerful. A lot of civilians harmed here.

  3. Thanks Q. Very disturbing, heartbreaking as a matter of fact.

  4. I've known Paul for over 50 years, and never knew he had these. Thank you, dear friend, for posting. I've emailed other people who have known us to alert them. Perhaps we'll hear back.

  5. Thanks Jazzo....

    In case someone here hasn't noticed if you click on the photos you will greatly enlarge them. (I only recently noticed.)

  6. My grandad fought in that war.

    He never mentioned it until he was on his death bed.

    He held my hand and said "Never ever kill anyone"

    I've managed to live by that if nothing else.

    Life's a bitch and then you die eh?