They were everywhere and everywhere they went unnoticed—not that they weren't respected, that was not the case—they were simply not considered for what they were: the Significant Pattern.

But it had always been so. Even a thousand years before, the Lord Botahara had spoken of walls:

"Between themselves and the weak the strong build walls, fearing that the weak will learn of their own strength.

So it is that the poor are shut out into the wide world with all of its uncertainty but also with all of its purity and beauty.

Whose palace garden compares to the wild perfection of the mountain meadows?

So, thinking to shut out the poor and the weak, the strong succeed only in walling themselves in. Such is the nature of illusion."

~Sean Russell, A Journey to Seh


  1. Well, I live in a gated community, In fact, we have a moat. And several years ago we put up a wall, about thirty feet high, solid stone. And added watch towers just a few years ago.

    I would like to proudly report that, even though we don't believe in taxes here, we have managed to figure out how to enjoy basic services without paying any. And mercenaries now stand watch on the wall. They are a new and welcome addition to our community.

    Sharp shooters, you will be happy to know, pick off possible intruders, those lurking nearby in the bushes or who drive too close to our moat. It offers good sport for retirees and young people can learn how to sharpen their eye in preparation for life. Life is war. Up yours mack I've got mine: that's our motto.

    Someone mentioned some people called "the poor" here the other day. We quickly stomped him down into the ground. We don't think about such things here. And we know how to deal with them (that poor) if any ever come nearby.

    Our flag waves high. We support the troops. No gays walk our manicured grounds. We have an annual Whitest of the White competition. We're not prejudiced. Last year's winner didn't have blond hair.

  2. I too live in a gated community, but I am the entire community. I do, however, have a solar powered iron gate, so that makes my a gated community. Wonderful, wonderful post here!!